I had just hung up on my mom. This darling, white haired woman.

I called.

She answered.

And I finally took my first breath since this morning, the feels rushed in and I said, “oh gosh I gotta call you back” and then I hung up.

Just Need to Know She’s There

Mom always teases that in elementary school I’d come home, fling open the front door and yell my way through the house until finally I heard, “I’m folding laundry” or whatever her answer was that day.

I didn’t need her.

I didn’t even want her.

I just needed to know she was there.

And off I went to continue on with my life, totally settled because I knew she was there.

Where We Turn for Answers

Today I called without knowing what to say but feeling so very, very inadequate and a tiny bit overwhelmed for a task I am to complete.

I guess I just needed to know she is there.

And she is.

I wonder, are we turning to google when we should be turning to her? Maybe the answers lie with one who knows you perfectly and loves you still.

And that’s why I’m looking up as well. Because I believe we have a Heavenly Mother and Father who we also need an occasional reminder that They are there, all we need do is call out.