When I was a little girl I couldn’t wait to fall in love, get married, have darling babies and a lovely home where we laughed and played together. And then I grew up. And I learned that sometimes a home and babies are much harder to get. 

White Mantle with Shiplap and built in cabinets

Cade and I have quite the story, but this is just a small piece. A piece we’ve been sharing on Instagram, (go follow us, @Ohsweetbasil if you haven’t already), but because instagram only let’s us writing a small bit in every post we’ve had to break it up. 

And that’s where this post comes in. You all have asked for us to make it easier to read the whole story. So every Friday we will post a part of the story, but if you can’t wait just hop over to follow us on Instagram and catch up by reading all of the non-food posts. 

Otherwise, sit back maybe grab some tissues and chocolate, you’re in for a bit of a story and lots of tears. And keep watching, we will post a new piece every Friday and Saturday. 

We bought this house without me seeing it. I couldn’t. I tried, but my body was too broken.

It’s only been a few years and I can still perfectly put myself exactly back into the moment our lives changed.
We’d been looking for a new home for two years and we’d been excited, hopeful, confused, frustrated and finally just chose to hold on. Isn’t it crazy how much we have an inner yearning to find “home”? Let’s say it like it is, that’s not by chance. It’s something we should give a moment to think about. But for this story I’ll continue…

A photo of a our family room.

A Year Felt so Long Until it All Made Sense

The first year passed and suddenly Cade was recruited for a job an hour south of where we’d been looking.

Ahhhh it made sense why nothing had felt right and I’m so glad we didn’t push to make it fit. But then where? The hunt continued and still nothing.

Making the Decision to Adopt a Baby

During this time we had decided that because it was too high risk for me to have another baby we would adopt. The papers began and we felt good. Searching for two missing pieces. I say that quickly but one day I’ll tell you how incredibly hard that decision was for us.

Nothing was working out, every house was great until we’d get in the car and easily feel unsettled. It wasn’t right.
How?! This was a righteous desire and we were ready! Everyone else just found a place and moved and we were standing still. It was so hard!

I Know I’m Not Alone, Other’s Have Similar Experiences

Are you there? Are you standing still? Are you feeling like you’re trying so hard and nothing is coming of it?

It’s one thing when you know you could be making more of an effort but when it’s what consumes you, you’re putting all of your time and energy and prayers into it and NOTHING, well that just hurts. 

I was getting up to workout one morning and read a scripture about a man named Nephi. His family had been told to move and though they followed the call they had suffered a lot. Then one morning the voice of the Lord calls for him to arise and go up unto the mountain. There he’s instructed to build a ship, one he has never built before and will have to rely on the Lord to help him.

Sometimes You Have to Wait for the Inspiration

I read that and fell to my knees in prayer. What do I need to do to build my ship? How can I prepare so I can go?

I knew, I felt it. We had no homes to look at. No offers in on any houses. And still I began to pack. Every day more and more came down off of our walls and put into boxes. I began packing to move without any idea where we’d go.

I never in a million years could have written the next year of our story.