How could a staircase mean so much to me? And no, it’s not because I built it myself or had some incredible revelatory experience on it, but it is a reminder.


❤You see that staircase behind me? Those stairs are the most significant thing in my entire house. Every time I see them it makes me think of two things, every single time.

1. What a miracle our healthy bodies are. 💪🏻

When I was in college there were signs posted everywhere to take the stairs and make our hearts strong and healthy. I didn’t have a car for the first two years so I already was walking uphill both ways in the snow, wind and freezing cold air (and if you’ve ever lived in Rexburg and gone to BYU-I you know it’s the truth) so I was already huffing and puffing by the time I got to class but I saw those signs and decided I was going to run up any stairs I had to climb and if I couldn’t make it I’d know I wasn’t taking care of myself like I should. 🏃🏻‍♀️

I still run up the stairs every time I go up them as a good way to get my heart pumping but who would have thought that years later they’d really put things to the test as hyperemesis gravidarum would zap every bit of energy and strength from me and I’d literally find myself collapsing from the dehydration and starvation.

Now stairs remind me what a miracle bodies are, to care for it and be grateful for every day. Our stairs remind me I’m alive, our babies all survived and all of this because of my savior and my gentle husband who both carried me through.

I cannot express the gratitude I feel when I think of Cade’s strong arms carrying my weak, 80lb body up the stairs. I can’t even type without being overwhelmed by emotion.

Life is an incredible gift, and not only should we treat it as such but we need to do a better job of remembering the faces who have loved, supported and even carried us through. ❤❤

2. These stairs not only make me teary eyed and grateful but they changed me as well.

Long ago i made the goal that anytime I had a good thought I’d act on it right away. So if I ran upstairs to get something and had the thought to text someone, or get meat out for dinner or even just saw a pencil and thought I should grab it and put it away that no matter what, I’d stop and do just that immediately.

It was so hard in the beginning because I’d often say, ok I’ll just run to the bathroom or finish such and such and then do that next but what happened was always the same, within 2 minutes I’d forgotten. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

I had long heard speakers at church talk about how we need to learn to listen better and recognize the voice of our Heavenly Father and often that meant acting on little feelings. 🙏 We believe that not only can you pray but that you can receive answers and direction in life. The key is being able to recognize how we receive answers like, a good thought that comes to our mind (have you ever had someone on your mind, texted them and found out they needed to hear from you) peace or love filling you in such a quiet way you can’t describe it but you also can’t deny it?

🙂Well life is busy and sometimes I’d feel like I wasn’t feeling anything at all so I started this habit. Often things would hit me just as I ran up or down this flight of stairs, so I’d turn back around and go complete that task. I’m telling you, I am a different person.

I feel peace so much more often, get more done in a day and remember more things but most of all I’ve witnessed miracles in the last year that couldn’t have happened had I not been practicing listening to the little things so i could hear the bigger things.

Every time I see these stairs I remember that promise to myself and I feel more determined to keep doing it. It’s changing me forever.