“I am a real person.”

Yes, you really are, and I love your floaties! ☺️

I’m sitting at the pool and a little girl just gave me the biggest smile and said that and I gave her my response.

You know when you hear something and can’t let it go?

She’s probably 4.

She’s absolutely adorable.

And she’s right, she is a real person.

And so am I.

a photo of a woman in her kitchen

Resisting the Hate

Maybe from now on I’ll always receive messages and emails telling me all the things people believe I am, a white girl who knows nothing, an idiot for believing “old fables” about God being real, a racist for not using my platform to promote the BLM organization, a bad mom for having my kids help with the house and not watch certain programs or movies or allow phones and internet like the rest of the world thus robbing them of childhood, and that’s all the nice stuff, who needs to talk about the other emails I’ve received in the past month.

Become as a Child

Maybe all we need is to look to the children.

They teach love and acceptance.

Forgiveness rather immediately.

A constant state of learning and growing even when the world, and yes, sometimes even their parents, are nothing but constant negativity.

Gentle and snuggly.

Quick to make friends.

And like that little girl, just trying to remember, they are real people.

How to Change the World

We want to change the world? Fine, I’m in. But it starts with knowing who you are, then discovering that everyone around you also is a son or daughter of God, one who is just as looked after and loved as you are.

I know. It can be hard. Especially with Karen around.

But today, “I am a real person”, and hey, that’s pretty awesome. You’re pretty awesome. You’ve been through a lot, huh? So have I. So maybe we can be friends?



The tiniest glow in the darkest of settings makes ALL the difference.

But I always forget.

Until this morning.

Running in the Dark

I went running before the kids had to be up for school so it was still pretty dark out. And it was fine, no issues at all.

I turned that corner not even halfway through and Geeeeez! The road was suddenly so uneven and my toe kept catching the sidewalk every time I stretched my leg forward, step after step slapping the pavement.

I honestly was getting a little worried that I might really biff it and as the darkness wasn’t letting up, it was time to stop, to give up.

The Tiniest Light

And then the tiniest beam from a car on the other side of the road lit the pavement just enough right in front of me.

And then another.

And another.

It was a pattern of light I could recognize and follow.

The timing was impeccable.

The light and safety unmistakable.

Just What I Needed

My mind instantly thought, “can you imagine those cars talking, oh she’s fine, our lights aren’t bright enough, there aren’t enough of us. We can’t shine like others or like those who are close to her!”

I would have yelled out if I could, no!!!! It’s enough, it’s just what I needed!

And it was.

Perfect Amount of Light

Anything bigger would have blinded me and I would have turned away from the light to protect my eyes from the glare.

But dim, barely there, soft, approachable light, that got me through the dangerous parts.

Soft Living Light

Tonight I saw this photo. A few weeks ago Cade and I did the best thing ever, we rented kayaks for a moonlit ride from @boatboysowen, who knew a simple night would be my second witness, a little light is all we need to give right now.

There’s enough blaring in people’s faces. We need soft, subtle, living light. It should look like your family, enjoying dinner, playing games, taking a walk, reminders of the small light that comes from one thing, love.