I’m a hugger.

Are you?

An arm around ya, pull you in when we randomly start to cry looking at grandma’s handwritten recipe frames in my kitchen.

A photo of a mom and daughter hugging in the kitchen.

A wrap my arms around you and just hold you until you start to sob and then keep holding on so that even if you crumple up, no longer able to stand I can hold you.

A tight squeeze your guts out because I love you that much.

A meet you anywhere for the first time and pull you in close because now we’re friends, even if just for a moment.

Hugs Heal

There’s something healing about a hug. Actually, physically, mentally, emotionally healing about arms wrapping around someone.

I Hope Hugs Come Back

I hope hugs come back. Good ones. The wrap-your-arms-around-someone’s-neck-and-express-how-good-it-is-to-see-them-again-because-you-consider-them-a-friend-and-loved-one kind.

But I’m afraid it might need to be a conscious decision by you and me.

So if you see me shopping, expect a glance and smile In your direction and one day, I expect a greeting and a hug. ❤️ I’m serious.

I’m a hugger.

We Will Get Back to Hugs

One day we will get back to hugs. In case you’ve forgotten, one day we will.

Until then, if you’ve had a hurting week or day like I had yesterday, some hugs got me through, so while I am not in the same room with you, I hope you know you’re not alone. And I’d hug you, as long as you needed.