We witnessed a miracle. I didn’t even think about it until my mom texted.

Well, not true, we thought about the small one months ago, but listen to this.

In 2019 we signed up to take my mom, dad and aunt on a trip with @mrdavebutler and @emilybellefreeman to the Holy Land. It was going to be an amazing tour and the dream trip for each of us. It felt good and wonderful, and I paid for it all right then and there.

The man on the phone explained over and over that I understood they do not do refunds, like at all. I yes’d the heck out of him and hung up on cloud nine.

It was happening.

We were going.

May 2020 would be one to remember.

I Knew We Shouldn’t Go

By that night I was uneasy, but I was the only one. By the next day, I felt over and over the same thought and feeling that we shouldn’t go.

By the next day I was convinced that we were not only not supposed to go but that there was a reason why.

I talked to Cade in tears and he said, “if you’re feeling that, let’s cancel.”

I was just beside myself about calling my mom. I’d prayed and prayed and there’s no one more faithful and supportive and loving than her but this was her dream trip!

I gently explained, “Mom, you all can still go, but I feel we should cancel.”

She said, “Carrian I’ve been feeling uneasy all night. I’m not sure what’s right, but let your dad and I pray about it.”

By the end, all 5 of us had the same feeling to cancel, and so I called with my tail between my legs and knowing we wouldn’t get our money back, it would just be a credit and we would have to eventually book again.

The Miracle

A woman answered and I explained that I just had this feeling… she pulled up my account… put me on hold not once but three times and finally came back and said,

“I don’t know what happened. I see your payment and all of the information but for some reason nothing has gone through and you haven’t been charged. I’ll cancel it and you’re good to go. It’s so crazy, I’ve never seen this happen before!”

But I knew, we all knew, it was a miracle. It was only the beginning.

Hello COVID 19, I see now why we were to stay home. Listening to small things helps us tune in and eventually we will #HEARHIM for real.