“Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.” D&C 64:33

Friends, I know the days are long and at times the nights can be longer. I know it’s hard to suddenly be homeschooling and trying to Google every dang math problem because how the heck are you supposed to remember multiplying fractions and geometry?!

A photo of a mom sitting on a bed with her two daughters reading a book.


I know there’s a mess 5 seconds after you picked up the kitchen.

I know you’re stir crazy.

I know your husband is trying to work from home and you’re trying to wear 500 hats.

But I also know this:

Your Most Important Work

They are the most important work you will ever accomplish. So be flexible. Let go and dance like a crazy person in the kitchen until the kids don’t know if they should laugh or hide. Paint with them even if your landscape looks more like abstract art. Be the mom you’ve always wanted to be and you will. I promise you that righteous desire will be answered and most of all, I give you so great a promise as YOU WILL FIND JOY IN MOTHERHOOD.

Be not weary in well doing. This is what you were born for.

“You are a generation drenched in destiny.”
I mean, goosebumps.

In elementary school it became burned into my memory the losses of the Oklahoma City bombing and the OJ Simpson trial.

In jr high I remember hearing the news of Columbine shootings.

It was in high school that I was buying a bagel before school and heard the news of a tower being hit by a plane and later arriving at first period to watch the tv as the second plane hit. 9/11. And I’ve never forgotten.

I’m sure there are many more things that happened. And I’d love to hear what you remember as big events in your life as a child.

A photo of a young woman gazing out the window of her bedroom.

So Much Destruction and Commotion

In 2020 we’ve barely made it 8 months and my children will remember, fires in Australia, around the US and other places, locusts invading, killer bees, a pandemic, riots and murders, so much anger, and a bomb in Lebanon. In 8 months they have more destruction and commotion on their minds than my entire 18 years of growing up.

We’ve had to have discussions that were far beyond their years about safety, lies, child sex trafficking, politics, gender, the family and more.

It sounds like the worst. And some moments my momma heart wants to call out, “you’re robbing them of their childhood!! It must end!!”

Drenched in Destiny

But all week this quote won’t stop running through my mind. Which I am holding on to because I have hope, but I also know that this is only the beginning. So I repeat and remember who I am and who they must be.


“Whether you realize it or not, you are a generation drenched in destiny. If you are faithful, you will prove to be a part of the winding-up scenes for this world, and as participants, not merely as spectators.”
Neal A. Maxwell

I’ve got chills. These can be scary times, but we were prepared and so were they. If we listen we will begin to realize our potential and the promises we made and can fulfill if we remain meek, true and eyes on Him.