This year we got a text I never have wanted to get.

My sister-in-law reached out to the family to let us know that there was a school shooting in progress and my brother, a teacher, was on lockdown.

Cade and I immediately dropped to our knees where we were and Cade offered the most beautiful, calm, and powerful prayer for Rigby, the students, teachers, families and specifically my sister-in-law who was at home with her little ones and carrying the weight of the tragedy, but it wasn’t Cade’s words that made my heart burn.

Wrapped in His Arms

Knees falling to the carpet, heads bowed and tears brimming in my eyes I suddenly felt little arms wrap around my neck and hold me tight against his little 5 year old body. He didn’t even know what he had walked into, just that his parents were praying together.

And he acted.

The best he knew how.

A Heart That Can See

This little boy has a heart that can see. I don’t know how he always knows. He’s seen us pray together every day of his life, but he knew this was different.

He didn’t even say a word. He never does at first when he knows someone is hurting, he always just holds, and that is incredible.

My brother is ok, for that we are grateful, but may we always be quick to wrap our arms around people, my goodness may we be like him, who is showing tenderness like Him.