You THINK I’m all about the cooking, but did you know that I double majored in health science and Spanish?

Did you know that anatomy and physiology was my absolute favorite course and that I became a TA for that class and a cadaver lab TA because I was so fascinated with the body?

Did you know I prayed so dang hard to decide if I should teach the subject, become a nurse or do something with medicine because I felt so strongly medicine and bodies were somehow meant to be in my life but nothing felt right?

A photo of a woman blurry with movement in the kitchen.

Miraculous Eyes

It was beyond confusing and frustrating at the time. Every day I’d check into work and help students study the cadavers and talk about how we could tell that the woman probably had suffered from cancer based on what we found.

Except one itty bitty thing that still freaks me out.

The eyeballs.

Yes they were in a separate container, and no, I never once touched or looked at them.

But the fascination remained. How light and eyes work together is nothing short of miraculous symbolism at work.

Focal Point

In a person’s eye, an astigmatism occurs when light fails to focus on a single point.

It’s an easy thing to correct these days but if you don’t, you might find yourself with blurred vision, always squinting and searching and often burdened with pain.

One focal point achieved and your vision is exact, if not you’ll spend your life searching.

2020, one focal point, #HEARHIM