September 11th is written on my heart. It was a reminder to the world that we could come together as a nation, as a world. Today seemed fitting to share my recent experience.

A woman was using a cane and could barely move trying to get out of the car and up over the curb her husband had parked at.

We all had masks on and clearly everyone knows we are in a situation of concern for health.

I stood at the door of the store I’d just left and held the door open waiting for her to enter, not expecting the cane and slow walking when I had first seen them pull up.

And do you know what happened?!

a mom and daughter taking a selfie

People Are Still Good

One person after another left the store and upon seeing her they all joined in to help.

A woman held the car door open.

A man touched her, a total stranger put his arm as support to her arm and helped her to the store.

And she thanked each of us.

And we all smiled our replies behind masks.

People are still good!

They haven’t changed!