Sometimes I think about service as helping someone in need. But that’s not what it is and #covid is blasting through that big time.

I’m not sick and neither is my family but being stuck at home has reminded me that serving is nothing more than seeing people.

What is Service?

Service is going on an extra long walk and playing red light green light. Because Christ would have walked with the bored 4 year old.

Service is taking a little longer at bedtime to stroke his hair as he drifts off.

Serving him is praising something as ridiculous as waaaaaaay over buttering the garlic bread to the point of a heart attack or praising him when he runs out of the bathroom exclaiming that he “peed without hands!” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #boymomlife

Serving him is being present. Having no to-dos other than being a mother. Yes, we still get chores done but he learns to help care for a home right next to us. Yes, there’s still discipline but it comes as encouragement to do better instead of anger for messing up.

Serving him means loving him. Whether he needs an actual service or just me, serving is love.