Want to teach your kids to cook without them rolling their eyes or being bored? There’s just one word you’ll have to change.


The word, ADVICE is to adults what, TEACH is to kids.

Ya know how you’re talking with someone and they say, “let me give you some advice,” and you don’t mean to, you should be humble, but instead you kind of bristle. “Oh yes, please tell me, all knowing one, what should I do differently.”

It kinda rubs wrong.

Especially now days.

Everyone’s opinion is right and everyone insists what’s right for them should be what’s right for everyone.

And unless it’s me gabbing on Insta you shouldn’t listen. Ohhhhhhh I’m kidding! Truly!

Bombarded on Every Side

All day you and I are bombarded with opinions, feelings and words. It gets old.

All days kids are bombarded with teaching and to them, it gets old. They are tired! Don’t you remember how long and exhausting school felt?

So I don’t use that word, kind of ever.

Teaching My Children

Instead I say, “hey come help me with this! Geez, you’re so precise with measuring, that’s what makes baked goods turn out, being precise with measuring. You’ll be so good at baking for your family!”

And sometimes they suck at it. Sometimes I have to help. But I make them feel we are side by side with all things, folding laundry and blankets, washing windows and cooking dinner.

Positive Manipulation

It’s less pressure and more love. When they think they are awesome they try even harder to be awesome. Someone might say I’m manipulating my kids, and you’re right. But positive manipulation is actually just called, parenting.