“The Primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it.”


I’m always fascinated by how many people found happiness despite their circumstances. The more you ponder on it the more you realize that every story that has ever mattered points us to this simple truth. 💡
Think 💭 about this, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Snow White, cinderella, Job, different people throughout the Book of Mormon, and on and on all seem to find peace and joy even when they have every reason to be bitter and angry with circumstances. 🤢


My Personal Goal

When I was pregnant for the third time I made it not just a goal, but a requirement that every day I’d find something good, something to be grateful about.

Barfed 11 times today? That’s better than the 25 the day before.

Was it hard some days?

Pure torture.

Sometimes it was literally, “I’m grateful that today is over”, and that was good enough, but other days I could name so many things which got me through the darkest hours.

I’m not an expert but cade and I firmly believe that gratitude and hope turn into faith and strength.

But not right away.

No, it’s taking that first step to think more positive and then continuing to take the first step no matter how much you have to start over until suddenly you see the world as a place of light and possibilities instead of darkness and despair.

Want to Be Happier?

Want to be happier?

Choose to act happier.

Think happier and know that one day you will be happier.


Our Promise to You

We promise. We promise that thoughts turn into so much more because guess what, God happens to care about something as simple as you having a good day and as great as you having a good life.