Ding Dong CakeHave you seen this ding dong cake on Chocolate Chocolate and More? Why do I want it so bad?! I seriously need someone to bring me some.

This is he recipe everyone begs for from my mom, Taco Stew. You absolutely must make it! ohsweetbasil.com

We are headed back into soup season! YAHOO!! I love this time of year. May I suggest you start with Mom’s Taco Stew. It’s wonderful.

pinners conference It’s the weekend dish and we wanted to share with you a few things that are on our minds. First up, I’m speaking at Pinners Conference! Woohoo! You To order tickets go to https://www.pinnersconference.com/ and press on the register tab, or the tickets banner. Then use the promo code, ohsweetbasil, it will take $5 off the regular ticket price. I am crossing my fingers that you all will sign up so we can meet in person! I’ll be teaching a cooking 101 class and party foods which is going to be awesome sauce! 

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And then there’s this deliciousness that happened. I know that I’ve mentioned a gazillion times how I feel about Deer Valley, but a few weeks ago our girls said the best little comment about Deer Valley. We’ve been up there a few times a year, and our oldest said, “Mom if we ever move away what will we do about Deer Valley? Will we never get to come here again?” Of course we told her that it will be a yearly vacation for us no matter what. I can’t explain it, but there is something wonderful about it there. The people and staff are unique and I mean that in the best way possible. Everyone is just so kind, fun and accommodating. It is literally becoming home to us and while other vacations have been fun none have had the feeling that Deer Valley has.

Anyway, they have opened a new restaurant called the Brass Tag and it is amazing. Barbara from Barbara Bakes explained it best, it’s classy comfort food that you could eat with your hands or something like that. Basically it’s an awesome version of comfort food. In fact for dessert we had a skookie. That’s right, a hot cookie with homemade vanilla gelato. BOOM! You see what I mean, comfort food in a classy way. The tandoori rubbed quail was amazing and one of my favorites. It has cornbread stuffing!! And the prices are amazing. Like, $4-$16! Dude, that’s good pricing for such fresh, homemade goodness.


And update on Nerium! It’s going so well! If you haven’t yet you can use my premium link and sign up to get your own premium link which will make it only $80 and once 3 of your friends do it you’ll just get it for free for as long as you have 3 people. Do it. I’m loving it and I’d LOVE to hear how yours is going and if you’ve tried anything else. I only use the night right now.


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