Wednesday is Valentine’s Day and it’s steak on the menu that night! We have an Instant Pot recipe and a couple of delicious soups. Then we are finishing off the week with our best lasagna recipe that I just updated and reposted. You have to try it!

Monday: Instant Pot Sloppy Joes

Sloppy joe on a toasted bun. The sloppy joe has browned hamburger and chopped red bell peppers and is thick and saucy. Another sloppy joe and a small bowl of sliced onions is in the background.

Tuesday: Gnocchi Chicken Soup

A bowl of copycat gnocchi soup. There are shredded carrots, gnocchi, celery, and chicken in a creamy soup. Two soup spoons are next to the bowl of soup and a sprig fresh herbs tops the soup.

Wednesday: VALENTINE’S DAY – Garlic Butter Steak at Home

Thursday: Ranch Baked Chicken

a photo of a single panko covered chicken breast sitting in a creamy sauce with a serving of fresh green beans on the side.

Friday: Best Quesadilla

A photo of the best quesadilla sliced into pieces and stacked on each other with cheesy oozing out and a bowl of fresh pico de gallo and bowl of guacamole in the background.

Saturday: Egg Drop Soup

A close-up of a bowl of egg drop soup with sliced onions on top and saltine crackers in the background.

Sunday: My Favorite Lasagna

a photo of a serving of layered hearty meat lasagna on a white plate topped with melted cheese and chopped parsley