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Well, have you heard the news on our instagram account? I’m 18 weeks and starting to feel like I’ve got regular ol’ morning sickness!! I never thought I’d be so excited. It’s still a roller coaster and night and mornings are for sure the worst of it, but I have learned just how much you can do when you have morning sickness. In fact, for the most part I can hide it and people don’t even know that my nausea is raging.

So, when you start feeling better from hyperemesis it could happen anywhere between 12-20 weeks or unfortunately some carry it even longer. I know, WE know what a blessing it is to just have morning sickness the rest of the pregnancy. It doesn’t magically disappear either. It’s a very gradual thing for me, and for about 2-3 weeks it’s a roller coaster for sure. I have a day or two that isn’t too bad followed by what we call a “crash day”. I crash even with morning sickness when I’ve done too much. Basically just extra sick and weak.

healing from hyperemesis ohsweetbasil.com

Speaking of weakness… I have to keep reminding myself that I need to take it easy. And I don’t mean over doing it, I mean the basics wear me out. I try walking in a grocery store and sometimes I make it other times I end up so sore and sick all night. So if you see me around town driving this fun little guy just give me a wave and ignore my ridiculousness. Actually, do more than that because it really can be hard to get around on these. And let me tell you what, people are not always kind about them. I probably don’t look like I need it so depending on the store I’ve found that I get a little attitude. Grocery stores are always kind, Costco seems to be the opposite. I’ve actually had people at Costco get quite huffy about getting stuck behind the slow moving cart and trying to get around me. Guys, trust me if someone is using one of these they would rather be quickly getting through the store like you, so instead of getting bugged, have patience, watch where you’re going (yes, I’ve been hit twice) and offer a helping hand. Atrophy is a common occurrence with HG so something as simple as stirring muffins makes my arms scream with pain so just imagine trying to walk around a big store. It’s hard!


But, baby is looking great and we secretly know what we are having! We are beyond excited. Like, seriously giddy that we are adding to our family. We are waiting until we make sure all is well at the 20 week appointment before we spill the beans on gender, but we can hardly contain it!


And I’m truly doing so well. We are now at 91 pounds this week (we thought it was 92, what a bummer.) and I’m retiring the kids’ clothes I’ve been wearing. That’s right, our oldest is 9 and I had bought her size 10 at a sale to grow into next year. Well, when nothing was fitting me I discovered a children’s size 10 fit perfectly. It was comfortable and a little depressing to be honest. She thinks it’s fun that one day she will wear the clothes I wore.


I’m working hard on getting my weight up, but in a healthy way. I’m always a little sad when I hear that women see pregnancy as a time to eat whatever they want and let it all go. Your body is the home to this baby who completely relies on you to grow. I guess I see a lack of nutrition and exercise when it’s your decision kind of like living in a home full of trash, tv, and junk food. Obviously I really want to build everything back up to a healthy place to take care of little peanut so I’m trying to snack on healthy items like these Premier Protein bars between meals. They fill me up too so I’m not sticking my hand in extras all day. The peanut butter caramel and chocolate mint are my personal favorite. We get ours at Costco. 🙂 And in the end, I’m trying to really just do the best that I can and not stress either way. I think it’s a healthy way to be.

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And then there’s our readers. Oh my goodness we love you!!!! No, really. Your support has meant the world to us and we hope you stick around to share in this journey with us.

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