Fresh peaches are tossed with sugars and cinnamon with a stitch of thickener to bring together a delicious sauce on the peaches then topped off with a buttery cake mix! Easy Instant Pot Peach Cobbler with Cake Mix to the rescue!

a bowl of instant pot peach cobbler with cake mix topping

I grew up camping with my family and my absolute best memories revolve around those camping trips. It was heaven on Earth. I still feel that way. There’s something about the mountains that just beckons for me to walk the trails and smell the smells.

There’s a peace in the mountains that isn’t present in your backyard.

Even the damp ground as you scuffle around setting up your tent smells good to me.

I’m serious, it’s the best.

And there has to be at least one night of dutch oven cobbler.

If you are at home, yearning for simple days and comfort food, but can’t get away to the mountains you can still make an easy instant pot peach cobbler with cake mix.

Peach Cobbler

Peach cobbler is one of those recipes I don’t think about too much. Our family loves cookies and brownies so much and peaches are only ripe in Utah for a very short amount of time, so chocolate rules the dessert scene.

Peach cobbler is such a simple recipe to make and I started to get the itch to make it as peach stands started to pop up everywhere.

That juicy globe is far too beautiful to not be turned into peach cobbler.

a bowl of instant pot peach cobbler with cake mix topping

Canning Peaches

Canning peaches is what I did every summer with my mom.

In fact, I’ve been thinking that I should totally do a how to can peaches post.  If you have a second, tap “comment” and let us know if that’s a post you’d be interested in.

Anyway, I’d sit on a stool and Mom would pull the hot peaches from the pot and us kids would peel and slice them in half then shove them down into Mason jars.

Isn’t it funny how you hate something as a kid and miss it as an adult?

I NEVER hated eating those peaches though. A busy Saturday often ended with slices of buttered toast and bowls of home canned peaches. It was heaven.

How to Make Southern Peach Cobbler

  1. Peel and slice your peaches, not too thin!
  2. Pour water into the instant pot and add a trivet.
  3. Toss the fruit with the filling mixture and pour into a dish that fits into an instant pot.
  4. Sprinkle a cake mix on top and dot with butter. Cover with foil.
  5. Place the dish into the instant pot.
  6. Close the lid and turn the valve to seal.
  7. Cook and serve with ice cream or whipped cream!

a bowl of instant pot peach cobbler with cake mix topping

What Is An Instant Pot?

An instant pot is an electric pressure cooker. You can tap the link to see the one we have and love.

We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking what an Instant Pot is and while I’m always a little shocked that people are still wondering I can totally understand not knowing.

I mean, we are all just trying to make it through life, so hey if you’ve been too busy to know, we forgive you.


Your instant pot can also saute, make yogurt, work as a slow cooker and so much more!

a bowl of instant pot peach cobbler with cake mix topping

Are Instant Pots Safe To Use?

There have been a few people injured by placing their face over the steam valve when releasing the pressure but other than that, yes it’s safe to use.

In fact, you should use it to make this instant pot peach cobbler.

What Is The Difference Between Cobbler and Crisp?

Cobblers and crisps are not the same thing.

I always get so excited when people ask me what the difference between cobbler and crisp is. OH!! Let me tell you!!!


A deep-dish baked fruit dessert with a thick dropped-biscuit or pie dough topping is considered to be a cobbler. This is why there’s a cake mix cobbler that many people make.


Before I tell you what a crisp is we should mention what a crumble is. An apple crumble for example is actually a British dessert with a crisp streusel crust.


Finally, a crisp is again a fruit base but the topping combines a little of everything, the butter, the flour and sugar, but last it adds oats into the mix. It’s almost like a crisp oatmeal cookie on top.

a bowl of instant pot peach cobbler with cake mix topping

What are the Best Peaches for Baking?

You want to find freestone peaches because they are sweeter and easier to work with. For a list of my favorite freestone peaches, head to our peach cobbler post!

Eat The Fuzzy Skin Of the Peach?

You can eat the fuzzy skin off of the peach, but it does bother some people. When baking it’s often best to peel the peach as the skins can fall off of the fruit and just be alone.

To peel a peach, just make an X at the bottom of the peach and use a paring knife to gently pinch the skin with your thumb and knife and pull the skin off.

a bowl of instant pot peach cobbler with cake mix topping

Does Peach Cobbler Need To Be Refrigerated?

Peach cobbler should be refrigerated for storage. It’s a fruit dessert so not only will you avoid fruit flies but it will help to preserve the dessert a little longer.

Merely wrap the cobbler dish in plastic wrap to store as removing to a storage container can mix the topping into the fruit so it will break down faster.

It’s a dangerous thing to know how to make peach cobbler even quicker and more easily! That’s what we are teaching you here with instant pot peach cobbler…ready to eat in less than 40 minutes!

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Easy Instant Pot Peach Cobbler

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Servings: 9
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes


an easy peach cobbler full of fall flavors and that delicious topping. But the best part is, it's semi-homemade!


  • 8 Peaches, Peeled, and sliced (see note)
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter
  • 1 teaspoon Cinnamon
  • 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons Cornstarch
  • 1 Box White or Yellow Cake Mix, I use white
  • 1 Stick of butter, 1/2 cup is the equivalent


  • Add the peaches into a bowl along with the butter, cinnamon, sugar and cornstarch. Fold to combine.
    8 Peaches, 2 Tablespoons Butter, 1 teaspoon Cinnamon, 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar, 2 Tablespoons Cornstarch
  • Pour the peach, using a spatula to scrape in all of the sauce to a small round dish that will fit in the instant pot.
  • Sprinkle cake mix over the peaches and chop the butter then sprinkle over the cake.
    1 Box White or Yellow Cake Mix, 1 Stick of butter
  • Pour 1 cup of water into the instant pot.
  • Create a sling by folding tin foil together into a belt and place a trivet in the instant pot.
  • Place the sling under the dish and cover the dish with additional foil. Lift and lower the dish into the instant pot.
  • Set the instant pot to high pressure with the valve on sealing. Cook for 12 minutes then allow a 5 minute natural release and then quick release.
  • Pull out using the sling and remove the foil. If you'd like you can broil the top or use a Mealthy lid. A mealthy lid gets swapped for the regular lid and in just a minute or two you've crisped your food as if you used a broiler or air fryer.


This tastes even better baked in a dutch oven over 8 coals, with 6 coals on top. Perfect for camping!
Peach cobbler can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.


Serving: 1gCalories: 317kcalCarbohydrates: 68gProtein: 3gFat: 5gSaturated Fat: 3gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 1gCholesterol: 7mgSodium: 443mgPotassium: 290mgFiber: 3gSugar: 42gVitamin A: 516IUVitamin C: 9mgCalcium: 137mgIron: 2mg
Author: Sweet Basil
Course: 500+ Best Dessert Recipes
Cuisine: American

a bowl of instant pot peach cobbler with cake mix topping