To a child it’s a big deal how you treat each other. All children see lately is hurt and destruction. If your parents get divorced what will happen to you?

Our daughter had a friend whose parents were divorced. One day Cade and I disagreed about something and being the stupid girl that I am I said, “whatever”, rolled my eyes and went upstairs totally not wanting to even talk to Cade. 🙄

She came in and very quietly asked if we would ever get divorced and what would happen to her.

My heart still sinks into my stomach when I think about it.

From that day forward I’ve tried so hard to choose my battles and to be mindful of the Littles in our home.

Do we bug each other or disagree?

Of course!

But we don’t have to argue or be disrespectful in how we speak to each other or body language (I’m working on it, I promise!!).

Do happy marriages even still exist?

It seems like a fairytale, something people made up but never actually lived. Except, they did and they still do.

Happy, loving marriages are reality. We adore each other and while Cade may not use that word 😜 I know he feels the same.

We believe in choosing to follow our Savior and to trying to be more like Him. Concentrating on that instead of marriage counseling or self help or anything like it has done more for our marriage than anything else.

Some say that religion doesn’t matter any more but Christ loved and served, how could you go wrong when you try to be like him in a relationship?

“Oh man, you did the dishes for me again, you’re the worst!” “Ugh, he comes home and gives me a hug and a kiss before even taking his shoes off, what a jerk!”

Ummm yeah, pretty sure that looking to lift others and treat them as you’d want to be treated has never been an annoyance.

So what’s our secret? It’s just that, we focus on him and somehow that makes us see each other even more clearly. Cheesy to some, but true.

Oh, and we choose to believe in our marriage. We choose to remember that we love each other and wouldn’t want to hurt one another. It always boils down to choices. Doesn’t it?