“Information on a wide variety of subjects is now so easily accessible that waiting seems like an unnecessary nuisance. If sending or receiving a message takes any longer than a second or two, we decide something must be broken…

But if you want something of true and lasting value, something of eternal significance, something that connects the now with the eternities, patience and diligence are required… To all who feel defective in some way, may I tell you a secret?

A photo of a young woman looking out a window and holding the curtain.

You are Mortal

We are all defective. You. Me. Everyone.

“But,” you say, “I am a special case. I think I make too many mistakes, too often.”

Yes, you are mortal. And mortals fall short. Time and again.

Mistakes are events on the timeline of your life. But they don’t define your life.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Be Patient with Yourself

Get comfortable in the silence. In the wait. You will find the person you want to become and answers you seek.

The sun is not yet in the sky where I live, and the urge to get impatient as I’m so used to the quick answers and solutions I can easily access in this day and age. I’m again reminded this morning, a careful rise of a magnificent sun on the horizon is always worth the wait in the darkness. Think of that, an entire mass, the sun itself even takes time to show its brilliance, but it always comes.