Today’s to-do list:
Book launch and marketing meeting
Run errands
Return all the jeans that didn’t work.
Parent teacher conference
So many emails
Edit photos
Add new recipe to shoot tomorrow
Schedule social media
Come follow me

Things accomplished:
Played football
Played dinosaur hide and seek
Raced in a grocery store and almost crashed into someone (I still feel a little bad about that.)
Held hands as we walked.
And then it happened. He asked me to come lay down by him.
And so….
Laid on a dirty kitchen floor in two patches of sunlight together and closed our eyes for what felt like a good 15 minutes. A tiny hand found mine, breathing slowed and there we laid, perfect silence and the softest whisper that shook the very earth I live on.
“You’re my best mom ever.”

Love is Found in the Stillness

Love is found in the stillness.

Only the most important ones were sought today, but somehow, (because this is the secret to life, ) because I kept my priorities in order and work wasn’t more important than dimpled hands every single other task was done as well.

It All Gets Done Somehow

I don’t know how it happens, but it does.
Sometimes not on the same day, but you put your priorities in order and keep them there and strength is heightened, hours somehow lengthened and used in better wisdom and efficiency and somehow it happens.


I felt love today.

I felt it as peace.
I felt it as kindness.
I felt it as a little hand and a warm back on a hard floor.

His To-Do List

And that means that a more important to-do list was accomplished today and it wasn’t mine or even his.

It’s His.
It’s from above, though sometimes I forget it exists.

Every single day for every single person though most won’t even look up to see it:

✅ LOVE, help her feel my love.

And I did.
Because I was still.