We are ending the week with one of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day meals! You’re going to love it! Enjoy your weekly menu plan!

a graphic showing a weekly menu plan

Monday: Chicken Fajitas

A photo of a cast iron skillet full of chicken fajita filling - cooked chicken, sauteed peppers and onions, lime wedges, sliced purple onion, and sliced avocados.

Tuesday: Swedish Pancakes

a photo of four swedish pancakes rolled up and sitting next to each other on a white plate topped with diced strawberries.

Wednesday: Beef Pot Pie

a photo of the corning of a baking dish full of beef pot pie with a serving removed so you can see the saucy beef filling with carrots and peas and onions and topped with golden puff pastry.

Thursday: Garlic Butter Chicken

a photo of a golden chicken tenders in a cast iron skillet with a side of broccoli and slices of cookied lemons.

Friday: Carne Asada Tacos

Two authentic carne asada tacos on a serving plate on top of a wooden table.

Saturday: Crockpot Chicken

A dark grey plate with a pile of white Jasmine rice with creamy crockpot chicken shredded over the top and a little parsley in the background

Sunday: Sausage Cabbage and Potatoes

a photo of a large white bowl filled with braised sausage cabbage and potatoes ready to be served for dinner.