This week ends with Mother’s Day and I just have to take this moment to wish all you hardworking, exhausted, tirelessly devoted mommas out there a Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s a menu plan for the week to lighten your load!

a graphic showing several pictures of main dishes for a weekly meal plan

Monday: Healthier Chicken Parmesan

a photo of a golden lightly breaded chicken breast sitting on a white dinner plate topped with salad greens and shaved parmesan.

Tuesday: Teriyaki Salmon & Rice Bowls

a photo of a bowl full of rice topped with teriyaki salmon chunks, edamame beans, sliced of cucumber and avocado topped with sesame seeds. there is a pair of wooden chopsticks sitting crossed on the side of the bowl.

Wednesday: Ranch Melt in Your Mouth Chicken

a photo of a single panko covered chicken breast sitting in a creamy sauce with a serving of fresh green beans on the side.

Thursday: Thai Peanut Noodles & Sauce

Friday: Date Night

Saturday: Harvest Cobb Salad

a wooden bowl full of a harvest cobb salad with maple poppy seed dressing. Hardboiled eggs, brown sugar pecans, broccoli, craisins, apples, feta and kale

Sunday (Mother’s Day): Smoked Ribs

A photo of a rack of smoked ribs coated in a delicious dry rub.