Top 20 BEST Instant Pot Recipes

Top 20 BEST Instant Pot Recipes at least for right now. We are determined to find all of the greatest instant pot healthy recipes, instant pot beef, instant pot chicken etc!

Instant pot chicken breast recipes are usually the best ones to learn how to use your instant pot with. It’s a fast and easy way to get dinner on the table, even when your chicken is frozen!

First, start by reading our instant pot cheat sheet and go ahead and print it for free so you can hang it on the fridge for a quick reference.

Instant pot honey chicken is one of the easiest chicken recipes to test out. You can serve it alone or we like it over rice. Or Mexican Shredded Chicken in the Instant pot is so good too!

I’d give our Instant pot beef recipes a go as well, like our beef stroganoff!

Our instant pot country style ribs have become a monthly rotation for us. We absolutely love how easy dinner can be with this electric pressure cooker!

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