Instant Pot Cheat Sheet

The best thing about the instant pot is how fast a meal is finished, but do you ever have to google just to know the cook time? Our instant pot cheat sheet to the rescue!!

Looking to get going with that famous instant pot? Don't forget to save this easy to use cheat sheet to make it oh so easy!!



The Instant Pot…you either love it, or you are scared of it. Am I right? I was scared of it at first! I had heard all the horror stories like the lid being blown off into someone’s kitchen ceiling or the severe burns from releasing the steam. Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet and made several amazing dishes (links below) in our Instant Pot, I am an Instant Pot lover! I created this Instant Pot Cheat Sheet for myself and decided that all of you need to have it too!

You know the old idiom, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Well, I feel like I am an old dog sometimes. I have my ways of doing things and new tools or technology come out, and I just want to stay in my comfort zone. That is how I felt when the Instant Pot started to come on the scene. It also seemed too good to be true. I mean, cooked chicken in 8 minutes? A pot roast dinner in less than an hour? It seemed crazy!

All Aboard!

I quickly realized I needed to get on board the Instant Pot train or I was going to be left behind forever. So we purchased a 6 qt Instant Pot. The user manual looked as big as an encyclopedia (does anyone use encyclopedias anymore?) and we all know that user manuals aren’t page turners by any stretch of the imagination. I was overwhelmed and confused and didn’t know where to begin.

Final Instant Pot Cheat sheet Free Printable

After some trial and error, I began to figure out some tricks to making successful Instant Pot dishes. Yes, this old dog can be taught new tricks! Yahoo! So we have created an Instant Pot cheat sheet for you with everything from how to cook all your proteins to making perfect pasta and vegetables.

This Free Printable Instant Pot Cheat sheet is for you! Print it off and stick it in your Instant Pot or tape it on the inside of one of your cupboards! Keep it handy because it will save you loads of time researching and get you to your finished dish sooner. We are making your Instant Pot more instant for you!

Here is a brief overview of what is included on the cheat sheet:

  • When to use natural or quick release
  • Proteins
    • Red meat
    • Fish
    • Chicken
    • Pork
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Grains
    • White rice
    • Brown Rice
    • Pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Vegetables

We hope this will be as useful to you as it is for us! And P.S. all the times listed are for the “Manual” setting.



Instant Pot RECIPES

Want to try some of our Instant Pot recipes? Try these:



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6 comments on “Instant Pot Cheat Sheet”

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  2. I have read many articles, reviews and personal posts praising the Instani Pot.  About the only complaint I have seen repeatedly is the fact that during SAUTÉ there seems to be a problem with food sticking.  Therefore, because I want to avoid that issue and the cleanup afterward, I am going to adopt the practice of sautéing in a frypan on the stove top.  This is not to say that I am critical of the Instant Pot, I just want to be sure I give myself the opportunity to enjoy it to its fullest.  I just purchased mine and am really looking forward to using it very often.

    • I’m definitely not opposed to that idea! It takes the same amount of time but just dirties one extra dish. Worth it if it saves you some headache with the Instant Pot! Hope you enjoy your Instant Pot!

  3. This is a great tool. I haven’t decided if I love it or hate it but this might make it easier for me, but I am having trouble printing just the cheat sheet.

  4. Please show me some sweet basil receipes. I have one for. Salmon, sweet potato s onion virgin oil a.butter mix /fry up in iron skillet. Til tender. On med.high heat. Mix all periodically til all tender.