Chocolate Marshmallow cookies always make me feel loved. I have had two lovely connections with these cookies and not only do I want you to read about my experience, but I totes want you to have the recipe. You’ll find a link to it below. Chocolate marshmallow cookies, and Oatmeal cookies have such sweet little memories for me. Don’t you love when food is linked to special moments?

Bloggers Worth Following

Sometimes you get the rare opportunity of meeting people that make you grow a little, and I think they are true blessings in our lives. I think it is time we name a couple. So, that’s what this week will be. I’ll show you a few recipes that I’ve posted around the web, or just created, but all of which will include people that have meant something to me in the last little bit. That means there will be a post every day. I know, that’s a lot, and not usually my style, but it may just be so I can throw a giveaway in. 😉

This list is not complete of course. No, no. I am so blessed to be making connections with so many that are teaching me so much right now. So, this is just the beginning of a series. Maybe your name will pop up in time. I certainly hope so. The point is, I think a blogging world where we support one another and follow fantastic people is one where we all grow and succeed, which is lovely.

I posted this recipe for chocolate marshmallow cookies over at, Is This Really My Life. Emily happens to be one of those people that you are better yourself just for having known her. (You know she’s going to comment and say, nuh uh! But it’s the truth.) She is kind, compassionate, honest, true and loads of fun. I truly and completely admire her. I love that I can trust her. I know when I walk away that my name is safe with her, as are others. I love that she wants everyone to succeed. She truly believes in everyone around her and is grateful for every experience she has, every blogging opportunity and every friendly face she meets.

Everyone loves Emily, and she makes you feel like you are her absolute favorite person in the entire world. She’s told me the truth though, it’s me. I’m her favorite. I know, some of  you are shocked. You thought it was you, but it’s me. Ok, she didn’t say that, but I like to pretend. Either way, everyone is her friend, and she does a fantastic job at blogging and making you feel awesome.

Will You Join The Revolution?

So, would you all be willing to join me? Let’s show lots of love to each other. Isn’t love what makes the world go round? Well, that and food. Huh, and I’m a food blogger showing love, so it’s kind of like I’m perfect… 😉

First, head over to Emily’s blog and leave her some love. Tell her I sent you if you want.
Here’s how you can shout out love to her…


Don’t Forget to Go Grab The Recipe

Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies  and read the story of why this cookie means so much to me.

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