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Over 400 Baby Shower Food Ideas that Taste Amazing! And the best part is, they are great for bridal shower food ideas too!

I know exactly what you’re feeling right now, it’s go time. Time to plan out that baby shower for your best friend and we all know that the party food is the most important part.

Don’t even worry! We have so many baby shower recipes that you and your guests are going to go crazy for. And guess what, they are all easy recipes without any stress!

Let’s start with my absolute favorite baby shower dessert, Mini Lemon Poppyseed Bundt Cakes with fresh berries!

They are so delicious but they also look so pretty and you make them mini so everyone gets their own!

Doing a breakfast shower? No problem! Try our sticky buns!

  • A photo of a mini lemon poppy seed bundt cake on white plate with a lemon glaze on top and fresh powder sugar dusted berries.

    Mini Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cakes are the perfect dessert for Easter, baby showers, bridal showers or anything party! Those juicy berries on top are the best!

  • It doesn't take traveling to Italy to know that the simple, classic bruschetta appetizer recipe is the perfect way to use summer tomatoes or impress holiday guests. ohsweetbasil.com

    It doesn’t take traveling to Italy to know that the simple, classic bruschetta appetizer recipe is the perfect way to use summer tomatoes or impress holiday guests.

  • A brown board with brown sugar strawberry crostinis and a chocolate drizzle

    A lightly browned slice of bread that’s been brushed with coconut oil, an indulgent smear of brown sugar cream cheese, juicy, sweet strawberries and a chocolate drizzle for Brown Sugar Strawberry Crostinis.

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