Friends! We have put together a list of all our favorite kitchen tools, appliances and gadgets for all your fall baking and cooking! Enjoy!



These are EVERYTHING! I love, love, love the 2 cup, and they are stainless steel, dishwasher safe, and has the measurement etched into the metal. I’m seriously obsessed! Baking goes so much easier when you’re not going back and forth to the flour 500 times.
silver odd sized measuring cups



Under $25

Wood-handled, gold measuring spoons that we are obsessed with! We love the sturdy handle and how dang gorgeous they are!
Wooden and Gold Measuring Spoons
No more using multiple measuring spoons to get the measurement that you need! LOVE that the measurement is etched into the metal so it doesn’t rub off.
This is an absolute must for making creamy perfect gravy like the one we make in our slow cooker turkey breast recipe!
Hands down the best cookie sheets out there! They bake evenly and are super durable! Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies here we come!
This is the secret to the best cookies ever! They help cookies to not spread and they keep your cookie sheets nice and clean. And they are reusable so we are pretty much saving the world too!
This is our secret weapon for the creamiest, fluffiest most outrageously delicious mashed potatoes!
We love how sturdy these are and with the 5 piece set, you have everything you need!
White Spatulas
I’m sort of a sucker for beautiful pans and this gold loaf pan is not only gorgeous but it also makes beautiful bread loaves. Time for some orange cranberry glazed poppy seed bread!
gold loaf pan
Ok, so this isn’t necessarily fall baking specific at all but I just had to include it! The taste of air popped popcorn done in your microwave. We can’t stop!
Because sometimes you just need a ginormous cookie! I also love to use these to scoop muffin (or cupcake) batter so that I get even muffin sizes. Nutella Swirled Pumpkin Muffins are SO happening!
Just because everyone needs to have this cookbook in their cupboard!
You’ve gotta have one of these if you’re making anything candy or caramel! Your neighbors would love some salted milk chocolate homemade caramels for the holidays!
I use this almost every time I cook any type of meat. It is accurate, user friendly, and easy to wash. Whether you’re doing turkey, ham, or prime rib, you’ve gotta have it!
For all those dishes that have to be hand washed…we love this dish mat!
Pie crust demands a pastry cutter and pie is my absolute favorite! Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, razzleberry pie…I’ll take a slice of each please!
You’ll need a rolling pin for those pie crusts too!
We are all about the kids helping us in the kitchen, so no sharp edges on cans makes momma happy!
Sometimes you just need a little whisk to mix an egg with water to make an egg wash for your chicken pot pie!
For a little bigger job, we use this 10″ stainless steel whisk.

Under $50

We are back to my love affair with beautiful baking pans! I love how evenly the gold pan bake my cakes. Warm gingerbread cake anyone?
gold square pan
It bakes evenly, is dishwasher safe, and won’t rust. Perfect for apple cake with caramel frosting!
Gold 9x13 Baking Pan
Cut your prep time for making whipped cream! You can also make all sorts of fancy foams and even butter. We just bought it this summer, and we don’t know how we lived without it for so long!
Your beautiful homemade pie belongs in a beautiful pie plate and these are my absolute favorite!
White Jefferson Street Ceramics Pie Plate




Under $100

Sometimes you just need to mix something quickly and don’t want to get out the whole KitchenAid to do it! I always use my hand mixer for simple no bake pies like our marshmallow no bake pumpkin pie.
I love how easily and small these store, and they are so versatile. They can be mixing bowls but are also pretty enough to be serving bowls too.
We wouldn’t be able to survive with this! We vacuum seal leftovers alllllll the time! They last so much longer in the freezer. All our leftover turkey goes into the freezer!

The Ultimate Baking Favorite

This. is. it! The big kahuna…the end all and be all…my best friend in the kitchen! Seriously this gets used almost daily and is simply the best!
We hope this list helps you jump into the fall and holiday baking season with everything you need to wow your family and friends! They are also great gift ideas for the favorite baker in your life!