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Marshmallow Popcorn

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We love our snacks, especially this Marshmallow Popcorn, we can’t stop eating it! Butter, brown sugar and marshmallows melted into perfection and tossed with hot, salty popcorn. Need I say more?

Delicious Marshmallow Popcorn in two white bowls on a wooden table.

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Marshmallow Popcorn

The hubs made us watch Star Wars the other night when it was on tv. I mean, it’s good, but I don’t have the desire to watch 4 hours of aliens. Once is good enough for me. I made his favorite popcorn  with brown sugar and marshmallows and actually I couldn’t stop eating it either!! This is my friend, Stephanie’s recipe and we weren’t huge popcorn people til we had this. It’s that good! Oh, popcorn you really sucked us in.

Delicious Marshmallow Popcorn in two white bowls on a wooden table.

So pretty much you must try this marshmallow popcorn! In fact, you don’t even have to stick to plain marshmallows, marshmallow popcorn is awesome with all sorts of flavors. We made one with pumpkin spice marshmallows that is perfect for the holidays and the kids think it’s fun that it turns out a little orange.

Can You Pop Dried Sweet Corn?

Sweet corn is not the same as pop corn.

Pop corn is a specific type of corn that, due to moisture within the kernel, will pop when heated.

Sweet corn will not pop, even when dried.

Is Popcorn Gluten Free?

Corn is a whole grain food.

All varieties, including pop corn are gluten free.

Are Marshmallows Gluten Free?

Marshmallows are made from water, sugar and gelatin.

Marshmallows are completely gluten free.

Marshmallow Popcorn

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Easy and delicious marshmallow popcorn recipe in two small white bowls on top of a wooden table.

Marshmallow Popcorn

4.16 from 32 votes
Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 4 minutes
Servings: 6


  • 64 mini marshmallows or 8 big ones
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1 bag low fat popcorn


  • Pop popcorn and place in a bowl.
  • Combine the other ingredients and melt in the microwave. Make sure to stir every 20-30 seconds so everything melts and combines smoothly.
  • Pour over popcorn and gain 5 lbs. Oh, I mean enjoy!
Nutrition Facts
Marshmallow Popcorn
Amount Per Serving (1 serving)
Calories 358
% Daily Value*
Cholesterol 20.3mg7%
Carbohydrates 74.3g25%
Fiber 0.1g0%
Sugar 55.9g62%
Protein 1.5g3%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

pumpkin spice marshmallow popcorn in two small white bowls on a white table cloth.

Pumpkin Spice Marshmallow Popcorn 

reese's krispies popcorn with reese's cup chunks in a small white bowl on a wooden table.

Reese’s Krispies Popcorn

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Family Favorite Grilling Recipes for This Summer!

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  • So Im muslim and I had to use halal marshmallows and they have more of a harder texture and have a fruity taste,though when I tried this it tasted exactly like caramel corn but with a crunch and it was amazing thank you!

    • Reply
    • Oh that actually sounds so good! I’ll have to look into finding some to try!

      • Reply
  • Added a shake or two of cinnamon to the marshmallow mix before pouring and it was divine.

    • Reply
    • Ronnie!!! That is genius! I bet it was a little like a cinnamon roll. Holy yum!

      • Reply
  • love it

    • Reply
  • for those who say it is to sweet. I use a hot air popper & 1 cup popcorn, other wise follow the recipe and cook on stove at low heat. have done this for over 2 years great!!!!
    just remember to take off heat just as soon as marshmallos are melted, or it will not stay soft & chewy

    • Reply
  • Having celiac disease and not wanting to spend $6 on a small bag of popcorn balls which are my favorite I thank you for making my own gluten free products are so expensive so thank you again

    • Reply
  • So yummy. Made as a special after school treat. Very sweet so next time I think I’ll cut the sugar a little but delish as is. 🙂 Thank you so much for the recipe!!

    • Reply
    • It is crazy sweet which is probably why the kids love it and I can only eat a little at a time. 🙂

      • Reply
      • I used to make a version of this recipe 25 years ago, then lost the recipe. I’ve been looking for this for years. Thank you.

      • Oh I love when that happens!! I’m so glad we posted the recipe!

  • by bag of popcorn do you mean the microwavable one?
    Do you know how many cups of popcorn seeds?

    • Reply
    • Hi Elias, it’s about 1/2 cup of kernals.:) Yes, one microwaveable bag.

      • Reply
  • I made this twice over the past few weeks. The first time I followed the recipe exactly, and though delicious, I felt diabetic After haha! So I just made it again and halved the sugar and cooked it on the stove top. Still plenty sweet, and tasted awesome! Thanks for the recipe!

    • Reply
    • Good to know! My kids love it but I can’t handle too much either! You’re a gem for letting me know a new way to make it!!

      • Reply
  • Any suggestions to make this without microwaving it? I’m thinking melt the marshmallows in a pot on the stove and stir in the rest…

    • Reply
    • Hi Jenessa,
      We actually do stove top all of the time. Just use a low temp. 🙂

      • Reply
  • this looks like such a yummy snack!

    • Reply
    • And addicting! I always try to not eat the whole bowl, but it’s so hard!!

      • Reply
  • My kids love popcorn and I am sure this sweetened version would make them very happy- me too! Sounds great.

    • Reply
  • I love that this is sized for a bag of popcorn. I’m going to give it a try!

    • Reply

Family Favorite Grilling Recipes for This Summer!