We’ve heard you loud and clear! You want weekly meal plans, and you want them now!! So here is our first one and stay tuned for weekly posts for dinner ideas. For me, it’s not actually making the meal that’s the issue, it’s coming up with what to make! Ugh! We are here to save the day…or the week actually!

This is for next week so you have time to run to the store and get what you need before Monday!

Monday: Mexican Chicken Bowls

a photo of a white bowl fill of rice, mexican chicken, grilled corn, tomatoes, sliced avocado, red onions and topped with a bright green creamy avocado dressing.

Tuesday: Caprese Orzo Pasta

A bowl of caprese orzo salad. The salad has tomatoes, mozzarella chunks and fresh basil leave in it. A container of fresh ground pepper and a few parsley leaves are next to the salad.

Wednesday: Smoked Chicken (Double this!!)

A photo of whole smoked chicken breasts and sliced smoked chicken breasts on a charcoal gray plate with lemon wedges and kale on the side.

Thursday: Kale Salad (use leftover smoked chicken)

A photo of a kale salad loaded with apples, bacon, cranberries and smoked chicken topped with a poppy seed dressing.

Friday: Date Night!

Go try a new restaurant, see a movie, go ax throwing (SO fun!), go for a hike, have a game night with some friends…so many options!

Saturday: Best Steak Marinade

thinly sliced flank steak that marinated in a balsamic marinade all day

Sunday: Teriyaki Beef Casserole

a glass casserole dish with fried rice, carrots, peas, broccoli, snow peas, and teriyaki beef

There’s a little bit of everything there! Mexican, Asian, chicken, beef, salad, vegetarian…so much variety and so much delicious!!