Savory Breakfast Ideas

Sometimes you need a big ol’ list of savory breakfast recipes and even as I’m looking over all of this cheese, sausage and bacon goodness I can’t help but think we need a savory breakfast muffin too!

The older I get the more I love savory over sweet. Hence my adoration for hot, salty french fries. :) But really, sometimes I don’t want pancakes, I want a savory breakfast to feed my family and friends.

After realizing we weren’t the only ones wanting a savory breakfast idea for the weekends we compiled a list of the best savory breakfasts on the internet!

Savory breakfasts ditch the sugar, well for the most part. I mean, sweet and savory happens to be one of my faves. I had a sweet woman prepare a french toast with cheese years and years ago that sparked a love for sweet and savory in me and I’ve never looked back.

Want an example or two?

Don’t worry, we also have straight up savory brunch and breakfast recipes.