How to Carve a spiral ham

The first time I made a spiral ham I thought, “Well that was easy!” until I started to carve it. I needed to know how to carve a spiral ham. That darn bone in the center and all of the layers falling forward was creating a problem for me. Sure the ham was easy to make, put it in a pan, tent with foil and bake, but now how was I to serve it? And boy did I wish that I had those delicious dipping sauces that I posted last week. Pina Colada dipping sauce and sweet honey mustard? Booyah!

How to Carve a spiral ham

Carving a spiral ham is actually quite easy. I’ve never had a bone so perfectly in the center like this one, but it was fine by me.

How to Carve a Spiral Ham

Step 1: Turn the ham on its bottom, as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Find the bone, and using a large knife, cut around the entire bone.

Step 3: There are natural breaks in the ham, generally where a line of fat is, cut through those breaks as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Lay the pieces out on a platter for serving.

How to Carve a spiral ham

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