Award Winning Instant Pot Soup and Chili Recipes

Award Winning Instant Pot Soup and Chili Recipes for when you want a dinner recipe that will knock everyone’s socks off but was secretly an easy recipe for you!

No, we didn’t win an award for every recipe, but we’ve had readers taking all of these recipes to all sorts of competitions and we are always so excited when someone wins!

So which instant pot soup recipe, or instant pot chili recipe will you try first? Or heck, we’ve even got a new instant pot stew recipe coming up soon!

Listen, might I suggest something? It’s our Best Instant Pot Chili Recipe that started this whole thing. It has rave reviews!

It’s actually the Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup that took us the longest to create. It’s tricky to make a flavorful chicken soup!

Finally, don’t forget this healthy instant pot recipe.