Copycat Waffle Luv Liege Waffle Recipe [+ Video]

This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we’ve found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle.


This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we’ve found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle. 


This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we've found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle.

Food trucks are a really big deal right now, and Utah is definitely trying to get in on all of that. One food truck that is especially popular right now is called, Waffle Luv. They have become quite famous for their liege waffles and while we still love bacon apple cider waffles, this copycat waffle love recipe is seriously fantastic and it would be the perfect way to enjoy Christmas morning. We love making copycat recipes. This one for the Arby’s Beef N Cheddar Sandwich is even featured over at All Free Copycat Recipes, a great resource for copycat recipes.


Can Waffle Batter be Kept Overnight?

Pancake and waffle batters made with baking powder can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator overnight.

Since the baking powder may lose some of its potency overnight, add a little extra.


This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we've found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle.

Waffle love has quickly become the go to family treat truck, date night truck, girls night out truck, and “I’ve got a hankering for something sweet” truck. The waffles are amazing and the little sugary bits really add something to the waffles, but you can’t forget about their awesome toppings which revolve around one of our household favorites, Biscoff. Stinking Biscoff. That stuff rocks our world.


Is Waffle and Pancake Batter the Same Thing?

The only difference is the fat content.

Waffle recipes usually contain a bit more butter or oil than pancakes – that’s what gives you the slightly airier, fluffy yet crisp waffle texture.


This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we've found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle.

Liege waffles are different than your normal run of the mill waffle. In fact you really should forget about the taste and texture of the normal breakfast waffle because this one is seriously a totally different taste, but delicious like you wouldn’t believe. I think I’ve tested a trillion versions, and when I had it almost perfected I stumbled upon I’m Topsy Turvy’s site who’s recipe was so similar to mine I decided to combine the two. She’s a genius anyway, of course her recipe would be bomb diggity. Liege waffles are made by proofing yeast in a butter and milk mixture. Proofing yeast is really just a fancy term for letting the yeast grow and get all poofy. You do have to be careful because too hot or too cold of liquid can kill the yeast so make sure you get warm water and I always add a little sugar for the yeast to feed on and grow.

This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we've found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle.

Next you’ll mix everything together and allow the dough to rise in a warm place, covered with a light towel or saran wrap. I love this part. I’ve always thought that risen dough is so pretty. It gets so pillowy and soft looking.
Now this part is especially important, and you must buy a special ingredient because normal sugar just won’t work. You’ll want to buy Belgian Pearl (there’s Swedish too, but it’s smaller than the Belgian sugar) Sugar which you can find at specialty or natural food stores. In Utah we buy our sugar at Orson Gygi. You can totally buy online too.

This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we've found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle.

Once the dough has risen knead in the Belgian sugar and section off 8 to 10 balls. It looks a little funny, but it’s necessary to create the perfect Liege waffle. And I know it’s a little odd to put a clump of dough as opposed to a runny batter in your waffle maker, but it will spread out a little when you close the lid.

This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we've found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle.

We use a Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker and we cook our Liege waffles a little longer than a normal waffle on a slightly lower temperature so as to not burn the sugar, but you will have to just try out your waffle maker and experiment with how long to cook it. The sugar will kind of melt into the waffle and crystalize like little sugary nuggets of goodness. It’s awesome.

This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we've found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle.

Then pull the waffle out and top however you’d like, but we think that spreads compliment the waffle much better than a syrup because of how dense the yeasted waffle is. We like to stick with what we love from the Waffle Truck, Biscoff, whipped cream and berries. But, you could do just whipped cream, nutella, peanut butter or anything you like!


Either way, can we just dig in to this delicious Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe?


This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we've found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle.


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Copycat Waffle Luv Liege Waffle Recipe

Waffle Love waffles are a huge hit in #Utah and now you can make your own #wafflelove #leige waffles from home!
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Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe

This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we've found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle. 
Prep Time4 hrs
Cook Time5 mins
Total Time4 hrs 5 mins
Course: Over 400 Baby Shower Food Ideas that Taste Amazing
Keyword: belgium sugar, biscoff, breakfast, copycat, dessert, liege, pearl sugar, waffle love, waffles, yeast waffles
Servings: 7 -8
Calories: 659kcal
Author: Sweet Basil


  • 3/4 cup whole milk scalded and cooled to warm milk * SEE NOTES
  • 2 tablespoons water warmed
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar
  • 2 teaspoons instant yeast
  • 2 large eggs lightly whisked
  • 1 cup unsalted butter softened
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 3 tablespoons white sugar
  • 3 teaspoons vanilla
  • 2 cups bread flour
  • 1 1/2-1 3/4 cups flour
  • 2 cups [Belgian pearl sugar]


  • Add the 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar to the milk and water and add the yeast, stirring to combine.
  • allow the yeast to proof, or get foamy and puffy.
  • in a large bowl, beat together the butter and sugar.
  • add the eggs, honey and vanilla.
  • stir together and add the yeast mixture.
  • place in a standing mixer with the dough hook and add 2 cups of flour.
  • mix until the dough is thoroughly incorporated, and add the remaining flour, cover with plastic wrap and allow to rest for up to 4 hours on the counter
  • See notes for allowing to rest in the fridge overnight.then punch down and knead in the pearl sugar.
  • separate into 8 to 10 balls and place on a hot, greased waffle iron.
  • cook until golden brown and serve with biscoff, whipped cream and fresh berries.



You can let the dough rest for up to 24 hours covered with plastic wrap in the fridge. The dough will need to sit on the counter and come back to room temperature to use. need to skimp on the rise time? no biggie, though you will lose some of that awesome flavor. To scald milk, just place milk in a pan over medium heat, do not bring to a boil, instead let it heat up until foam appears around the sides and a little "skin" appears on top of the milk.


Serving: 1g | Calories: 659kcal | Carbohydrates: 82g | Protein: 14g | Fat: 30g | Saturated Fat: 18g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 10g | Cholesterol: 128mg | Sodium: 56mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 16g
Tried this recipe?Mention @OhSweetBasil or tag #OhSweetBasil!

This Copycat Waffle Love Liege Waffle Recipe is the closest we’ve found to our favorite food truck waffles here in Utah using a Liege waffle.

Apple Bacon Waffles with Cider Syrup

There’s something about hot waffles that gets the whole family up and moving on a Saturday morning and this version adds in the crisp bacon and sweet apple cider syrup. 

Fluffy waffles filled with sweet apples and crisp bacon are already delicious, but top it with the best apple cider syrup and we are hooked!

The Secret to Making Boxed Waffles Awesome

If you’re in a hurry and need to make waffles from a box just make sure you use Mom’s secret. 

 the secret to making your store bought waffle mix taste like homemade


The best syrup ever, buttermilk syrup

This is the only syrup we make these days. I know it sounds crazy with that buttermilk in there, but I promise it’s the best ever.

Buttermilk Syrup #recipe #breakfast-3

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  3. The recipe calls for 1.5 teaspoons sugar then 3 tablespoons white sugar.. I’m so confused. Is one granulated and one powdered? Which is which?

    • If you follow the directions listed underneath the ingredients, the 1.5 tsp of sugar is for the warm water to activate the yeast. The 3 tbsp of sugar is beat together with the butter. Sorry about the confusion!!

  4. That’s so cool! Do you know the recipe for the whipped cream? 

  5. What kind of biscoff do you use?

  6. Psssst!  Maybe someone else has already mentioned this in the comments, but there were too many to sift through.  Anyway, you can buy the sugar (and… the dough, actually… if you’re feeling lazy but want fresh waffles at home) directly from Waffle Love.  I believe Harmon’s (at least the bigger locations) are carrying it now as well.  I’ve made so many of your recipes and never realized you guys were in Utah until I saw Waffle Love in the title.  Cheers!

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  8. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much! We just got a Waffle Love truck over here in TX- and I’ve tried them a couple of times and love them… However, I don’t have 9 bucks to drop on waffle all the time and now I don’t have to! These were so delicious. I made them the day before and just had to do the last step this morning and it was perfect!! I have some for the freezer and will enjoy them again!

  9. This recipe looks delicious. I’m just waiting for mine to rise. However, I’m not sure it will. As I was following the instructions it said, “Beat together the butter and sugars.” So reading sugars I’d assumed that meant the white sugar as well as the pearl sugar. I found it to be strange, thinking, “Isn’t that like adding chocolate chips in the beginning of a recipe? Interesting.” So I proceeded, only to read at the end that the pearl sugar is meant to be added right before cooking. Yikes! I hope all’s not lost! I would recommend removing the “S” from sugar in the instructions. Not that anyone else would make such a silly mistake as me, but who knows. I am blaming pregnant brain on this one though!

  10. I’m just about to try these for the first time.  In the instructions it says *SEE NOTES about the milk, but then when I scroll down to the bottom of the recipe I don’t see any notes about the milk.  How do you scald it, just in a pan?   

    I’m excited to try these!

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  12. Thank you so much for this recipe! These blew my mind! We had some friends over for coffee Sunday morning and I decided to make these to go with our lattes. I made the dough the night before and let it rise in the refrigerator. It took a couple hours in the morning to warm up again but no kitchen mess when our friends came over. Everyone was blown away. They looked almost like regular plain waffles. It was fun to hear the noises of surprise and delight after everyone took their first bite. They were so delicious. Almost like a croissant, a donut and a waffle in one. We ate ours straight out of the waffle iron with the caramelized sugar crunch coating on the outside. So good! Thanks for a great recipe! Its a keeper!

  13. 4 stars
    Delicious but did turn out a little dry! Any suggestions?

  14. 5 stars

  15. 5 stars
    thank you for the recipe. lovely

  16. I want to make these for Christmas breakfast but I’ll be hosting about 20 people. Has anyone tried making these ahead of time not just the dough but the actual waffle and putting them in the freezer and reheating them in the oven? I have made this recipe many times and absolutely love it!!

  17. 5 stars
    In NY there are Wafels and Dinges food trucks that sound pretty much the same–I’m obsessed with the liege waffles thanks to them and this recipe is beautiful!

  18. 5 stars
    One of better websites

  19. 5 stars
    We love Waffle Love! Do you need a Belgian waffle maker for these, or would my regular waffle iron work?

  20. Love, love, love this recipe! Easy to make just know you’ll need patience and time. Probably a good thing or we’d be eating these everyday! With that said, freezing.

    Please help with freezing the dough…I doubled the recipe. After baking the desired amount I prepped the remaining dough by adding the sugar and shaping them. They’re now sealed tightly and safely tucked away in the freezer for another time.

    What is the best way to proceed? Thawing etc…thanks for sharing the recipe. Yum!

    • Kristie, thank you so much! Totally makes our night. So, we like to freeze without the sugar, but either way, place the dough in the fridge to thaw and then rest on the counter until room temp and proceed like normal. This takes a few hours so just be prepared. If all else fails you can stick it on the counter, but make sure you keep it covered so it doesn’t dry out. 🙂

  21. I am planning on making these for a Relief Society activity next week. I need to make probably 40 waffles. We are having a speaker then having a waffle bar for dessert. About how long does it take to cook each waffle? Could we just have a bunch of waffle irons going and cook them quickly or would they still taste good if we cooked them before the speaker and kept them in a warm oven for about an hour before serving? What would you suggest?

    • First, I want to come!! Second, you can do either! They actually only take a couple of minutes to cook so if you started cooking before everyone lined up you’d probably be fine, but we’ve served them warm from the oven, just make sure you cover with foil. Good luck!

  22. You can pick up Pearl sugar at IKEA.

  23. I still confused, after 4 hours sitting can I cook them, or do I let them sit 4 hours and then put them in the fridge for 24 hours ? I just came back to Kentucky and I want a waffle love

  24. I made these for the first time today. I picked up a Waffle Love waffle from their restaurant so I could try them side by side. Your recipe is pretty darn close.
    I cooked 5 of them today – 3 of which we will eat left over tomorrow. I plan to throw them back into the waffle iron to warm them up. I wanted to see if you can freeze them, so the last 3 dough balls went into the freezer to try at a later date.

  25. I want to make these for my daughters baptism brunch. Now I’m worried about making 50 waffles while everyone’s waiting around. What do you think about cooking the waffles the night before?

  26. I just tried these and oh my gosh! AMAZING! I tweeked the recipe slightly and after watching them one day while I was waiting for my waffle (in the store) they actually don’t kneed the sugar into the dough–they make dough balls first then roll them into the sugar and knead it into each ball. worked out amazingly! and it only takes about half an 8oz package of the pearls maybe I used a lot less than I should have but still plenty sweet and delich!!!

  27. I just have a question about the waffle recipe. How long do you let the yeast proof before adding the rest of the ingredients? I’ve been watching waffle love on the Great Food Truck Race and have wanted to try them after every episode. Since I’m too far away to go to their food truck (Kansas) I thought your recipe would be the next best thing! Thanks for sharing it!

  28. After having Waffle Love this weekend, I was home in Oklahoma… needing my waffle fix. I could not find any pearl sugar, and I did not want to wait. I bought sugar cubes and crushed them the pearl size. They worked great, and I will tell you they were $1.29 a box. Thanks for the great recipe.

  29. I’m so excited to make these! I have a party tomorrow night and I’m planning on making these. I always get nervous trying new recipes! So.. in your opinion do you think it would be better to make them tonight and let them rise in the fridge, or wake up early tomorrow to let them rise and then refrigerate? Also, do you refrigerate in a bowl, or in separate balls on a sheet? THANKS!

    • Hi Ashley, I would try to keep them made on the same day as cooking and it’s easiest to shape them into the balls and cover well with saran wrap while they are in the fridge. 🙂

  30. These look amazing! I’ve seen some savory recipes at waffle trucks (like the Waffle Lab in Ft. Collins, CO) but I’ve never tried them. Do you leave the pearl sugar in the dough for savory recipes too?

  31. I used to get the sugar at Orson Gygi’s but then I found it at Bakers C&C. They sell a 12 oz tub for just over $4 and are always super nice and helpful!

    • If you’re in the Ogden area, Kitchen Needs carries the Belgium pearl sugar I think I paid about $5.50 for an 8oz box.

  32. Thank you so much for the recipe! It tasted just like waffle love, amazing! I don’t eat gluten so I used a gluten free flour blend from Walmart in place of the flour and bread flour and it worked great! It really tasted just like the gluten free ones from waffle love! Thanks again!

  33. Flavor was good, but they turned out quite dry. Going to give it another go in a month or so, when I can justify another treat like this. haha.

    • Hi Esther, Thank you for your comment. I haven’t had them turn out dry, so I wonder if it’s possible that the flour was measured a little heavy? Make sure you don’t scoop and shake the flour to level it or it can add up to 1/3 extra more flour. Thanks!

  34. I’m feeling a little confused. The recipe states to let proof for 4-24 hours, but in a recent comment someone was going to let the dough rise for 6 hours (ish) and you said to be careful to not let the dough rise too much. If the dough is going to raise for more than 4 hours do I put it in the fridge? Does it go in the fridge regardless? I just don’t want all of my work and ingredients to go to waste. Thanks!

    • Heidi, thank you so much for checking on that!! I didn’t realize I had deleted a line when I was fixing a grammar mistake. So, we let ours sit on the counter for 4 hours and then wrap in saran wrap and sit in the fridge all day. Then I pull it out and mix in the sugar and make them. It should have mentioned that you should not let it sit just on the counter for more than 4 hours. 🙂

  35. The best price I have found for the Belgian pearl sugar is at The Old Dutch Store at 2696 Highland Drive in Salt Lake City. They buy it in bulk and then re-package it. It is $7.25 per pound!

  36. Just made the dough, now it’s resting and I’m excited to make these for a Sunday afternoon brunch with a couple of my girlfriends after church today!

  37. Do you have to have the sugar pearls for it to turn out?

  38. I hope this comes to you personally. Hello my friend! 🙂 i was looking at this waffle love recipe and the comments and thought i’d send a note… As i served my mission in Belgium (and the Liege area) I loved these over there, they are actually called Gaufres, anyway we’ve been making our copycat recipe of this ever since Belge Waffle and Frite came into town years ago (downtown SLC) and reminded me of them! But the whipped topping they use in Belgium and at Belge waffle and frite (not sure if waffluv does but i think so) put on these is something called Creme Fraiche and i’ve never been able to find a recipe to duplicate it. I always said one day i’d bring that to America like i did with Nutella 🙂 but that hasn’t made it. If you ever figure it out let us know!!
    Talk to u guys soon!

    • Well hello! Gosh, you should be teaching us then! We need waffle night. Creme Fraiche is at Harmons or you can make your own too. 🙂 It’s probably not as amazing as overseas but it is around!

  39. These were fabulous! We thought they turned out perfectly and were just the right moisture level and texture. If you have been to Waffle Love’s store you see what the dough should look like shaped in the little balls. Yes, it is different from other yeast waffles but I think it is just like theirs.

  40. Have you ever doubled or tripled the recipe? Or do you suggest making each batch separate? I’m planning to test these out soon and then serve at a big family breakfast for Christmas. Thanks!

  41. Sounds tasty. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  42. Really close to Waffle Love, but a bit dry. I will probably add less flour next time I make them.

  43. I love Waffle Love! Any idea of how they make the whipped cream to put on top? It is amazingly yummy –And I know it isn’t just whipped cream out of a can!!!

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  45. Sharing your link to these fabulous liege waffle on my sorta new blog on Monday. Delicious and makes a ton. We had left-overs to share. Thanks again for sharing.

  46. I tried these, and the dough was more like a thick batter. There was no way I could knead the sugar in – it was more like stirring. Any suggestions? Also, I let the “dough” sit all night, and the dough tasted quite yeasty, but the finished product still tasted great.

  47. Do you know where I could buy the plates? I love the deep, small plates that they have at Waffle Love. Thanks!

  48. I’m working on my second batch. I can’t get the dough to rise. I know it’s probably a yeast problem, but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    • Hi Rachelle, it doesn’t rise very much like normal bread does so just make sure it expands. Also, you may want to test your yeast in warm sugar water and see if it’s old. I like to proof my yeast no matter what just to make sure it is good. 🙂

  49. Thank you for the recipe and all the helpful tips, they turned out great. My family said they taste exactly like “Waffle Love”. Very yummy! Can you freeze the dough?

  50. Any thoughts on gluten free recipe?

  51. Do you have a recipe for the cream? Thanks 🙂

  52. I just found Belgian Pearl Sugar at the Let’s Cook/Bosch Kitchen Center store across from Target in Orem. Also, Pirate O’s in Draper has it too! Much closer than Orson Gygi. 🙂

  53. We’ve started seeing Waffle Love and Waffle Crush trucks here in Gilbert Az in the past year and would follow them to the ends of the earth for those delicious waffles. I have been trying to recreate them at home using several different copycat recipes and this one has completely nailed it! Made them last night for a girl’s night and we were in heaven. We all thank you!

  54. I want to make mini versions for a crowd of 30 coming to brunch. Do you think these would turn out in a mini-waffle maker? Each waffle will be a little larger than a 50 cent piece. If not, any ideas for making these bite size?

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  57. Have you ever seen the sugar pearls at Trader Joe’s? My husband is up in Salt Lake twice a week for school and it would be easy for him to stop by. We love the Waffle Love truck and it just started coming out our way recently. I can’t wait to make your version of the waffles, they are so yummy!!!

  58. These were AMAZING!!! Exactly like Waffle Luv. Thank you! I let my dough sit on the counter and rise for four hours. Then I punched it down and put it in the fridge overnight. I brought it back to room temperature in the morning, kneaded in the sugar pearls, separated the dough into eight balls and cooked them up. Although the recipe takes some time, it is actually very easy and I think convenient to have the dough pre made the night before and ready to go in the morning. We are in “luv” with these!

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  60. I am so excited to try these. Just to make sure I understand this correctly. If i am making them the day before we actually eat them, do I let the dough sit on the counter for four hours, and then knead the sugar in, seperate into balls, and then stick in the fridge? That’s what I think I’m supposed to do–or do I just let it rest in the fridge and roll into balls right before I make them the next day?

    • you can do it either way, but make sure the bowl is tightly wrapped and you bring it back to room temp before cooking. Some have had issues with letting it sit overnight and the yeast blooming too much.

  61. We totally messed up this recipe. I accidentally put it in the fridge after covering it (out of habit like I do with cookie dough) and realized it wouldn’t be ready for dinner that evening, so I left it out overnight on the counter thinking it would rise. Well, it rose but the batter just wasn’t right after that. Like another commenter said, it was super yeasty and fermented. We ended up throwing away the waffles and remaining batter. And we were so sad about it! I have enough pearl sugar left to try the recipe on the back of the pearl sugar box so I think we’ll try that to see how close it comes to the Waffle Love waffles. Plus it has half the ingredients so there’s less of a chance of my messing it up!

  62. Is there a place locally (I live in Utah) that sells the Biscoff?

  63. When you let these rest, does it rest in the fridge, or just on the counter?

  64. Your recipe is amazing! Do you have any suggestions for the sugar pearls? My pearls didn’t melt in the waffle iron, but the waffles came out great. Should I have cooked it faster or slower? What do you think?

    • Same here. My pearls melted partially, but not very well. The 8 oz bag we bought only had 1.5 cups in it so we just used that.

    • Just made these and they were amazing! We used 2% milk instead of whole milk, 1.5 cups of pearls, and then followed the rest of the recipe exactly and we loved it! We let it rise overnight and bought the pearls from Orson gygi for $7 for an 8 oz bag. We might order them from next time to save some money. We even topped it with biscoff and whipped cream. Perfect!

      The only problem I had was with getting the pearls to stick in the dough, then melt in the waffle iron.

      Thanks for the recipe!

  65. I am making these for a party this week. I tried a different recipe and they we’re nasty. I then tried your recipe and it was almost perfect, but mine were a bit dry compared to Waffle love. So, made your recipe again, adding a bit more milk. They were less dry, but still dry. Third try with more milk and adding butter on the waffle iron seemed a bit better, but still a bit dry. Any thoughts? I really want to get it right. We are slightly addicted to Waffle love, but my wallet doesn’t agree.

    BTW, waffle love sells pearl sugar, $5 for about two cups.

    • Do they really?! I had no idea! Ok, so I tend to be a little heavy handed with the flour, so for this recipe I measured the correct way, fluffing, scooping and gently pouring the flour (with a scoop not a spoon) over the measuring cup and then quickly leveling off with a knife and not shaking the flour down. It’s possible that you have a little too much flour. I’d add a little less flour and see how it goes.

  66. It’s Belgian sugar, not Belgium sugar 😉

  67. Just made this and it was amazing. Thanks so much for the recipe! I used King Arthur bread flour, Nature Nate’s Honey (from Texas- so good!), the same Lars Belgian pearl sugar, and unsalted Irish Kerry butter. The dough is very different than a typical waffle. I only used 4 cups of flour (the recipe seems a little confusing when it comes to the flour). It would have really helped to have seen more pictures of the dough and preparation, a la Pioneer Woman. This was my first experience at making something like this and I was a little nervous to not have more pictures to follow. It almost ends up tasting like something between a glazed doughnut and a sweetbread. Very, very good.

    • Im so glad you enjoyed it! It’s definitely different,but still yummy! I wish I could have taken a bunch of step by step photos but with little ones running around it just wasn’t happening. Feel free to email for clarification any time.

  68. I’m making these for my daughters birthday next weekend. Is this recipe fool proof or should I make a test batch this week?

    • I feel like we’ve made it a hundred times and it always turns out the same, but in my opinion it’s such an odd recipe that I’d make it first so you feel confident about it. I’ve had tons of emails that they love it, but I’m all about seeing exactly how a dough should look when I don’t have the pressure of celebrations etc so I can easily make the recipe with guests. If that makes sense, 🙂

      • Makes total sense. I didn’t get a chance to do a test batch so wish me luck tomorrow! I’m making the dough tonight!

      • My dough turned out very yeast tasting but everyone still ate the whole thing. Is it supposed to smell and taste like beer? Ps I don’t bake… Lol

      • No. 🙂 haha, but the yeast could have proofed for too long. It will taste a little different, but definitely not yeasty. Just make sure you used the correct yeast and didn’t let it proof too long.

      • Happy International Waffle Day! I’ve decided to try your recipe since the Waffle Love trucks are not out tonight :-/ I’ve held onto the recipe without trying it until now because I’m scared of yeast & rising dough, I always worry that it won’t rise properly. Anyhow, how long do you proof your year mixture? Also, in the explanation of Liege waffles it says that the yeast is proofed in a butter & milk mixture but then it just says to proof it in scalded milk & water. Was I supposed to put butter in the milk?

  69. I made these for New Years Day. Taste exactly like the waffle truck!! Thanks for sharing this incredible recipe. I bought my sugar pearls at Pirate O’s. They also sell them on line through Walmart, however you have to buy six bags.

  70. ooooh I love liege waffles!!! SOOO delicious!!!!!

  71. In Gilbert Arizona “Waffle Crunch” truck sells this. My husband and I ate their waffles. OMG!!! Amazing. It is a must eat when you see the truck. They post a schedule on Facebook. Right now their truck is in Gilbert and Mesa. They have 3 waffle combinations you can order from or build your own. We had the “Berry” which has the waffle, biscoff, strawberries (lots of cut up strawberries) and a scoop of cream. We had them had a cut up banana (it was probably a hole banana). It was so good. Highly recommend eating there.

  72. I have the same question about the flour. Do you add two cups or four? Also, it says the prep time is 24 hours but it only says to let rest for 4 hours???

  73. Oh goodness, this surely look wonderful! And topped with biscoff, I am swooning right now!

  74. I bought the sugar a while back to make these waffles but just never got around to it. Yours look fantastic! I need to get busy.

  75. Great recipe. I have bought sugar pearls from the Waffle Love truck.

  76. I have yet to catch that Waffle Love truck but I’m determined to!

    • You can find their schedule by following them on Instagram! In case you didn’t know 🙂

      Also, the sugar pearls are also available at Pirate O’s in Draper (700E. & about 120,000S.)

  77. The recipe calls for 4 cups of bread flour. In the second point of the instructions it calls for 2 cups to be added. When are the other 2 cups of flour added?

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  79. Love the Waffle Love truck! You should try the pumpkin pie if you haven’t yet. Yours look delish and I can not wait to make them!! I’m also glad that you mentioned that you can get it at Orson Gygi because I have looked all over and eventually ordered the Belgian Sugar from Amazon. I have never been to Orson Gygi. I’m a little afraid to go because I will find too much that I will want!

  80. These would be a KILLER Christmas breakfast. Love them! 🙂

  81. I love how this dish looks like dessert but I can justify eating it for breakfast! So warm, gooey and sweet!

  82. OH my heck. . . my friends have been telling me I need to try this waffle truck out. Your copycat version looks absolutely divine.

  83. Ashlee (I’m topsy turvy) made these for me a few times over the summer. Seriously so yummy. Better then the waffle truck for sure. Is this her recipe, or did you change it up? I would love to try it in the regular waffle maker since I don’t own the cast iron version, but didn’t see a link back to hers so I could reference?

  84. This looks over the top delicious, Carrian!! I’d love to start Christmas with one of these waffles!