Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Cookies


I can't eat these fast enough! Chocolate Reese's Pieces Cookies


Our daughter had the weirdest dreams last month and I totally spaced it until last night when another happened. Which means that this will not only be a post about the love of my life, Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Cookies (but really, I’m obsessed with these) but it’s also going to be about sleep.


I can't eat these fast enough! Chocolate Reese's Pieces Cookies


Or the lack there of since becoming a mom I seem to sleep so light I can hear a bug sneeze.

And sleep walking. I haven’t done it, but our oldest daughter went through a creepy night terrors phase. Just wait until you’re out cold and then suddenly she’s standing by your bedside sound asleep and yet staring at you. HOLY CRAP.



I can't eat these fast enough! Chocolate Reese's Pieces Cookies


And of course the nightmares. I’m going to give you a quick run down in no particular order and then I want you to leave a comment with a weird dream your kid had and I’ll randomly pick a winner for a $25 Amazon gift card. Ready? She has dreamed,


I can't eat these fast enough! Chocolate Reese's Pieces Cookies


A dog was trying to sit on her lap.

Her toes were hurting because they were stuck in a sock. Which they weren’t, she was barefoot.

Soap bubbles were trying to get her from the sink.

It was dark.

A witch was outside (note to self, Halloween costumes at school can be creepy)

Yup. The soap bubbles one was definitely the weirdest. Now let’s hear yours!


Are Reese’s Pieces Gluten Free?


Reese’s pieces are included on Hershey’s gluten-free list.

But Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Cups in Holiday Shapes are NOT included in the gluten free list.


Will Reese’s Pieces Hurt A Dog?

A dog can’t die from eating a reeses pieces.

Peanut butter is usually okay for a dog and it takes a lot of chocolate to be toxic in a dog.

Milk chocolate is the least toxic and dark or baker’s chocolate are the most toxic but it does take a lot to cause illness.


How Long Will Cookies Keep?

Properly stored, freshly baked cookies will last for about 2 to 3 weeks at normal room temperature.


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Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Cookies

I can't eat these fast enough! Chocolate Reese's Pieces Cookies
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Reese's Pieces Chocolate Cookies

Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time8 mins
Total Time18 mins
Course: 100 Best Cookies Recipes on the Planet
Keyword: chocolate, Cookies, dessert, reeses
Servings: 30 cookies
Calories: 154kcal
Author: Sweet Basil


  • 3/4 Cup butter softened
  • 1/4 Cup white sugar
  • 1/2 Cup brown sugar
  • 1 Large egg
  • 3/4 Teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 Cup all purpose flour like Gold Medal
  • 1/4 Cup cocoa
  • 3 Tablespoons instant chocolate pudding mix
  • 1/4 Teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 Teaspoon baking soda
  • 3/4 Cup mini chocolate chips
  • 1 1/2 Cups peanut Reese's Pieces


  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or silpats.
  • In a bowl of a standing mixer, cream the butter until smooth.
  • Scrape down the sides of the bowl and add the sugars, beating for 30 seconds or until smooth (this could take up to 60 seconds).
  • Add the egg, and vanilla and beat again until smooth.
  • In a small bowl, whisk together the flour, cocoa, pudding, salt, and baking soda.
  • Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix until just combined then add theReese's Pieces and fold in.
  • Using a cookie scoop to make the perfect ball, scoop the cookies onto the baking sheet.
  • Bake for 8-10 minutes and allow to cool for 3 minutes then remove to a cooling rack and repeat with remaining dough.


Serving: 1g | Calories: 154kcal | Carbohydrates: 18g | Protein: 2.3g | Cholesterol: 19.2mg | Fiber: 0.8g | Sugar: 13.2g
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82 comments on “Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Cookies”

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  2. I only have instant vanilla pudding mix on hand. Could I use that and maybe just add a little extra cocoa? 🙂 I really want to make these cookies but it’s -6* here and I am not going anywhere in this frigid air! 🙂

  3. Ok, I want all of these in my mouth right now!! omg!

  4. I don’t remember any specific dreams but my boss wake up crying hysterically at least 3x a week. I can’t wake them, I can’t calm them, they look right through me like I’m not there. It’s when they settle down and just stare at me that it gets sleet creepy. They don’t answer any questions, just stare. Then lay down and go back to sleep on their own.

  5. I’m pregnant with my first kiddo, so she hasn’t had dreams to tell me about yet! Unfortunately I have had weird dreams thanks to her though! I woke up in a boat and was surrounded by alligators. I then had to jump past the alligators to get to land because the boat was sinking. When I got on to land I saw that my car was crushed and flipped upside down floating in the water! I’m not sure what all of that meant, but it was freaky!

  6. I can’t recall any weird dreams at the moment but I used to sleep walk as a child…very unnerving!

  7. My son only recently starting talking about his dreams. He is young. But he had his first nightmare and woke up upset. The details of his dream weren’t clear but he said I was in the kitchen and threw tortillas on the floor. Apparently that’s really scary!

  8. Those cookies look incredible! My daughter is too young to remember any dreams at the moment but when I was younger I had this dream of being in some strange town with lots of older ladies it was so weird!

  9. One of my twins has night terrors and one night she starts screaming in turn causes the other twin to wake up and starts screaming because she doesn’t know what’s going on. She comes running, screaming down the hall terrified. She gets to our door and my husband jumps out of bed and starts yelling “what’s going on! What’s going on!?!” Then my teenage son burst out of his room to see what all the commotion is. Soon after the baby starts crying. Needless to say our entire house was awake because of this and the one who started it had no clue it even happened!

  10. I can’t remember any weird dreams at the moment, but I know we have all had them.My cute little 5 year old just told me he had a dream last night that he was in candyland and he was made out of gingerbread and his stuffed animal was frosting and it was a good dream. Love this recipe, anything with peanut butter and chocolate has to be delicious!

  11. My son has a reoccurring nightmare that he’s a sleepover at his cousins house and he ran to our house to grab his pillow. On the way back a huge black dog with red eyes jumps infront of him and says, “you’re next!”

  12. 5 stars
    My kids will love these!!

  13. My son is two so he doesn’t tell me about his dreams but he has often told me he was busy saving the day when he first wakes up:)

  14. These cookies look so delicious. My husband would love these, as he loves Reese’s!

  15. I have heard my middle daughter (4years) talking in her sleep saying “no, no” and she has woken up for about 3 weeks in a row in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder! I honestly thought someone was trying to hurt her and I usually to hold and rock her for about an hour to get her to calm down and go back to sleep. MY oldest will wake up telling me she has a bad dream that the bad guys came and got her. (freaks me out) The night terrors have rested for a few days hopefully mama can get some good sleep. 🙂

  16. My daughter used to have nightmares about falling out of a helicopter. She says she still does occasionally and she’s a grown woman now.

  17. These look soo good. cooksooI have a bunch of reeses in the freezer, just waiting and calling my name 🙂
    My 2.5 year old daughter woke up screaming one night and said “there is a light over there, and I can’t see baby Jesus because he is in his car.” What? So weird. 🙂

    • Too funny. These look heavenly, I will def be day dreaming about these today as the snow keeps falling. I may even trek on over in the snow to get all of the ingredients! Yum

  18. These cookies look absolutely amazing! I love on and chocolate, so I’m sure these will be a hit! Heading to the store today to get some! My little is only 7 months old, so nothing crazy yet, but my husband has night terrors…it is so scary, because he’ll wake up in a full panic that something is happening to him…on time he had a nightmare he was tossed into a pit of snakes and kept yelling please don’t bite me and was trying to throw them off! Bless his heart!

    • Congratulations! You’re our winner. Please email me within 24 hours to claim your prize at ohsweetbasil (at)

  19. For several months when I asked my 3 yr old what he dreamt about he’d say ‘Jesus & trains.’ I ask him to give me more info & he’d say ‘Jesus’ train is white & mine is blue. We’d play trains.’ Kind of cool & kind of wild!

  20. No real weird dreams from my kiddos but did have a daughter sleep walking out the kitchen door into the garage. By the time we got to her she was trying so very hard to,try and lift the garage door.

  21. My 9 year old had an odd dream about chuckie (from chuckie cheese lol) that he was playing weird music and just “acting creepy” in his own words lol. Guess a giant mouse can be pretty weird when you thinking about it.

  22. Reeses and cookies – a match made in heaven! Pinning and printing now!

  23. I’m actually expecting my first child ☺️She’s due this February and I can’t wait for her to share her dreams with me☺️Great recipe by the way! I love recess cups and I’m sure I will love these cookies will Definetly bake these soon and share them on Instagram ☺️ So since my baby girl isn’t born yet, I’ll share about my niece dream, she is 11 years old and had dreamed that she was at barn far away from home with a lot of animals that would speak to her, so weird but pretty awesome too lol

  24. My oldest is 2 but he will wake up crying and day he had a bad dream. For a couple weeks he would wake up screaming, but luckily that hadn’t happened in a while. These Reese’s cookies look delicious. I am sure the two-year-old would love them. He’s a big fan of peanut butter.

  25. 5 stars
    When she was a toddler, my daughter was asleep and I heard her talking in her sleep. “No thank you. No thank you. I SAID NO THANK YOU!”

    Before they went to sleep I often made up stories about the adventures of Timon & Pumba. It seems that Pumba was trying to get her to eat some “very juicy grubs.”

    “Daddy, I tried the crunchy bugs and they were pretty gross, but there was no way I was gonna eat those gooey ones!”

  26. i don’t have kid…but my one weird dream had as a kid was talking to big bird of sesame street about how we were in a dream, that this was adream and this is not real and that i was sleeping!

  27. I wish I had a cool story to share!!! My oldest is only 4! The only bad dream he ever had was apparently when Fire was on his body and he was climbing up the walls to stay away from the lava. By the way, he helped me bake these cookies tonight and they were a huge hit! Perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter flavor. Totally making again!!!

  28. These cookies look delicious!!! My husband would LOVE them! I’ll have to make these next!

  29. 5 stars
    I couldn’t even read any of the other comments. I get scared easily

  30. My son tells me he has nightmares so that I’ll stay in his room for awhile, I know it can’t be true because he barely puts his head down and calls me to his room. And now his sister has caught on and uses the nightmare thing to say she doesn’t want to go to sleep! Ugh!

  31. 5 stars
    When my daughter was about kindergarten age she’d always have conversations with ‘the man in the black hat’, I’d ask what they were talking about and she told me he’d tell her stories about her grandma Edna. This completely freaked all of us out because that was my great grandmother who passed away before she was born and we turned my great gram’s room into hers. She said they were planting flowers in her dreams but she’d start crying because she was sad that she couldn’t help because the prickers hurt her hands. No one in the family has a clue about the man. I myself have night terrors and they’re awful!

  32. That pie tho!!!!

  33. I don’t have kids yet but the weirdest dream I’ve had as of late was flying on a plane to meet P.Diddy and pitch an after school program proposal and promising to make him my caramel apple cheesecake cupcakes.

  34. I was going to comment. But I’m distracted by my grotesque need for excessive amounts of Reese’s cups.

    My 4yo got to experience his first chocolate advent calendar this past christmas. He would wake up and bring me the calendar to tell me “it’s a new day” and ask for a chocolate as soon as his eyes opened.

    This AM. He ran to his snack cabinet. Grabbed a Reese’s and brought it to me in bed. Mommy can I have this treat because I woke up?

    Yes. Waking up is a big deal. Yea you may

  35. 5 stars
    My kids have never told me about their nightmares her…. 3 and 21 months, but those cookies look amazing!

  36. Oh my goodness I’m definitely going to make these today! They look soo good!

  37. My daughters often have crazy dreams, usually stemming from something they read or watched in the recent past, so it can be anything such as polar bears (Lost) running around in mazes (Maze-Runner)

  38. My daughter dreamed that the cat was trying to steal her doll. Lol ps the cookies look yummy!

  39. My kids both have crazy dreams sometimes but I can’t remember any one in particular.

  40. 5 stars
    Chocolate and peanut butter is my favorite combo. These cookies look so good. I’ll have to make a half batch, so I don’t ruin my diet too tremendously! TFS!

    • Wanted to add as I don’t have any children, I remember a really scary dream I had when I was young. At a sleepover at my aunt’s house, which was really creepy, I had a dream about a witch. All I remember was just the witch, but it woke me out of a sound sleep and there was a triangular shadow on the wall. That’s probably why I still remember because I was so scared.

  41. 5 stars
    My 4 year old son’s latest dream, he was a booger sales man. Who lives in a booger house. His favorite and best seller-Zebra boogers. Black and white striped, but they aren’t actual boogers they are Zebras that are teeny tiny.

  42. My kids are too young to remember and recall their dreams just yet, but I am sure looking forward to hearing about them, cuz if they’re anything like their crazy momma dreams I am in for a treat! Lol

  43. So… I dont have any kids yet, but just the other night I dreamed I was in a video game fighting the devil to free child slaves… NO clue why! Lol

  44. My son had night terrors for a long time. One time he kept freaking out because his hands were turning into squares

  45. Whoa. These look delicious! I will definitely have to try these tomorrow! 🙂

  46. I don’t have any kids but one of my craziest dreams I had was when I was younger. It was around Halloween time and I had already decided what I wanted to be. I had a dream that it was Halloween and I dressed up as a bunny. I was dressed in all white but however in my dream I fell into a giant mud puddle. I came you a chocolate bunny. After that I refused to dress up as the white bunny because I was afraid I was going to fall into a mud puddle. So my mom had to go find me a new costume to wear for Halloween.

  47. My son has regular dreams that he is “the special” from The Lego Movie….only he’s trying to save penguins stuck in trees, or random talking soccer balls. always different dreams…but he’s usually The Special in all of them. So weird!

  48. My daughter is two and she’s had weird ones already. Like, she woke up crying because she dreamt the dog was biting her (he sleeps locked in his kennel….And he’s 10lbs) and another time that we were flying and she was falling. Insane for a 2 1/2 year old!

  49. My 5 year old had a dream that he was dancing and singing the song on the movie Ghostbuster’s and the marshmallow man and slider were dancing with him. 🙂

  50. He dreamed about a little girl named Scary Mary. If he looked in a mirror and said her name, she would come and tickle his feet. He can’t sleep now without a lamp on in his room.

  51. My kiddos are too little to tell me about their dreams but I will never forget one time when my little sister woke us all up screaming so bad I thought she was being kidnapped or something. Come to find out there were giant worms attacking her (which we later found out we’re the strings on her blanket!) she still swears they were real killer worms! Haha

  52. I should probably break my New Years resolution and make these

  53. First off, these look amaZing! I can’t wait to make some, I especially want to make some for my dad to try. He loves anything Reese’s (:

    So, my son is 2 1/2 and can’t really
    Tell me about dreams yet. But oh my, I have the strangest, most detailed dreams. All. The. Time. Ha. My dreams always have so much detail they seem real. I don’t think I’m not sure if I can pick just one strange dream.
    Here is a repeating dream I used to have. I’m a vegetarian and have been for 6 Years now. I used to dream for like two months straight I was eating some type of meat, usually hamburgers. And this was about 2 years after I became a vegetarian.

  54. I totally get ya on the no sleep thing. I have a 1 yr old who still wakes every 2 hrs

  55. I don’t have a child but one of my craziest dreams ever was been trapped in the elevator at our local sports stadium and the quarterback came and rescued me as he was the only one that had strong enough arms to open up the elevator. Now whenever I watch him play, I think about the time he saved me in the elevator.

  56. Yummmmmy! I am a serious cookie addict. No shame. ✌

  57. Those cookies look delicious! I might have make some soon!

  58. my one year old obviously can’t tell me about his dreams. but I’m pregnant with number 2 and having the weirdest dreams. the weirdest I went in for an ultrasound and the dr said well it’s twins and on the screen it was like 2 adults dancing and partying around like the prank jimmy kimmel did on his aunt. I woke up crying because i had full grown mini humans walking in my stomach ha ha!

  59. 5 stars
    My daughter had a night terror when she was little. Scariest dream of *my* life! She just kept screaming telling me she wanted her mom, eyes wide open the whole time. I Kept telling her I was her mom but she kept trying to push away from me. I called my mom in tears. My daughter finally stopped dreaming and quieted down and didn’t remember any of it the next day. Thank goodness she never had another one. As for me, I’m going to be dreaming about your cookies tonight. They look yummy!

  60. My daughter has reoccurring dreams about butterflies chasing her but not in the good way!

  61. My kids are too young to really tell me about their dreams, but my two year old is really good at sleep walking! That keeps my life interesting! 😉

  62. The weirdest dream I ever had is that my front tooth fall off & in my culture they say when you have a dream like that somebody in your family or relatives will die & coincidently my great grandma died that day. It’s the kinda dream I don’t wanna have anymore.

  63. My kids are still a little young to be able to share their dreams – but I get a lot of giggling, crying, and talking.

    My oldest son did try to pee on his laundry basket once, while asleep. That was fun!!!

  64. 5 stars
    aw poor thing!! My brother. one time, had a dream where the burger he had eaten before was chasing after him and trying to eat HIM (he sat straight up in bed during this nightmare and yelled “RUN FOR THE TASTE!”)

    and these cookies are as delicious as your daughter’s dreams are insane! LOVE how choco-peanut buttery these are

  65. YIKES!! I had night terrors growing up and I’m 26 now and had one a few weeks ago. Needless to say my dog and boyfriend are terrified when I go to sleep now. It’s scary, but the best thing you can do is to just rub her back and not talk about it until she’s fully conscious and a different day. I had the same night terror over and over and over growing up and I was never scared until I woke up, even though my family or whoever I was standing over thought I was awake the whole time because my eyes were open. Once I managed to flip my bed upside down and half was on the floor and my mom came in to me laying on top of it with my eyes open. She was terrified and we don’t know how or why I flipped the bed. Weird stuff.

  66. About a month ago my 5 yo daughter came to the breakfast table talking about a dream she had where her and her brother were playing in the snow building a snowman. She started talking to her 7 yr old brother about the good time they had like he was really there and it really happened. I tried explaining to my daughter that her brother was not really there in her dream and that is when my son piped up and told me he was there he had met his sister in his dream and they played the snow together building a snowman. I thought they were joking with me so I separated them and asked them specific questions about the snowman and area they were in,they both told me the exact same answers.

  67. We moved in to a new rental house & my then 2.5-year-old daughter woke up in tears in the middle of the night. She sobbed that there was a ‘shadow in her closet”. I didn’t think much of it. Happens with a move..normal stuff, right? Right. The next day I realized our new backyard backs into a cemetery that is over 200 years old. Yikes. Shadow in her closet..whaaaat?!

  68. I am a sleep walker and talker too! I have lots of strange dreams, but the weirdest one I can think of off the top of my head was from a few month ago. I thought there was a spider playing the banjo on my head board. I wish I was joking. These kind of dreams happen all the time, at least twice a week!

  69. My 2 year old was having a terrible time with allergies turning into colds and then into ear infections. I was instructed to give her Benadryl before bed to help dry her up a bit. The first night…no big deal. Second night she started screaming and I went and picked her up and she was looking over my shoulder pointing and screaming “get me away from him!” I couldn’t soothe her or calm her down. Same thing next night. Turns out some little ones can get night terrors or hallucinations on Benadryl. Obviously we quickly found alternative solutions :). Other than that both girls have frilly princess dreams.
    Pudding mix cookies are always big hits here. Will def be trying soon.

  70. Those cookies look good, I rarely make a chocolate base cookie but I think I’ll give these a try-we love the chocolate/peanut butter combo in this house (who doesn’t though?!). My daughter is only two so she hasn’t told me any specific dream details but lately she will tell me things like “There was somebody in my room” when I get her up in the morning which is kind of creepy to me!!