We are always looking for new chili recipes. I happened across this Apple Chicken Chili the other day(please go see her picture, it’s way better) and I knew we had to try it.  Apples in your soup may sound funny, but oh it’s wonderful! We loved it. Sadly I had to leave out the dairy, but I bet it makes the soup even better. Ambitions Kitchen is a great site that I love to pop over to. She has fantastic recipes and I love how real she seems. There are a few blogs (I wont name names) that drive me nuts. They seem to be so showy and fake. Every recipe is something I’ve heard of before and yet they are calling it their own. Please! Changing the amount of salt or adding a carrot does not mean it’s your own creation. Now, I know that sometimes I think I have made something up only to see that someone else had a similar idea, but I’m just saying that some are trying to pass recipes off as their own and it bugs. Also, do you ever feel like some one is a little too into themselves? The blog is a tad cocky. So,  after awhile I just stop reading. It gets too old.(phew, one of my first rants!) Anyway, Kelly is not that way. Her blog is so real and you know she really enjoys spreading  around the good recipes and stories. Thanks for the recipe!!!

Apple Chicken Chili

Ambitions Kitchen