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We love to chat about food, but our family lifestyle posts get a little more real. It’s about who we are, the good, the bad, the ugly. What’s working for our family and what new traditions we are making with our kids!

Our family lifestyle is a pretty easy going, happy thing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deal with crabby kids, picky eaters etc. But don’t worry, we find balance and make it all work.

Latest Posts

  • It’s Never Too Late

    No one is ever too far gone. We each are worth the rescue. I didn’t know drying out worms would teach me about who Jesus Christ really is through the dimpled hand of a child but yesterday was a moment for me.

  • Best Books for 6th Graders

    We polled you on Instagram and here are books you suggested for the best books for 6th graders...

  • Constant Focus and Presence Matters

    I love being together and cheering for a common purpose. I’d just allowed distance to cloud my view.
    Don’t let me forget this time, constant focus and presence matters.

  • United in Seeing Each Other

    So I’ve spent the last year looking into eyes, actually making eye contact so I could pause for a conversation or offer a smile because that’s what I remember - we were a people United in seeing each other.

  • All the Things You’re Not

    I don’t know how to teach her. I’m trying. But then again, I’m still trying to teach myself this truth...

  • Family is Important

    Have you ever noticed that there’s a two way street between parents and kids? We think we are here to guide and shape but somehow there’s this healing balm that only a child can bring.

  • We Need Fathers

    Oh how we need fathers. There’s something there. A stirring and swirling of lessons that can only be taught by them.

  • Cruising with Him

    Maybe that’s all it is. Maybe we are just halfway between here and there and we’ve settled in for the rolling plains and mile markers for a bit.

  • More Like My 5 Year Old

    He didn’t even say a word. He never does at first when he knows someone is hurting, he always just holds, and that is incredible.

  • Teens are Actually the Best

    I did not expect to experience what I did on Good Things Utah, but it will be burned into my heart forever.

  • Lessons from Caterpillars

    If you can find purpose in suffering you can survive anything, and most of all you WILL become everything you never even knew existed inside of you.

  • Find the Quiet

    It is the thing that makes me feel like I’m losing my mind as a human being.