Award Winning Instant Pot Chili Recipe [+VIDEO]

Instant Pot Chili that is award winning and bringing home chili cook-off victories across the country.  You don’t want to miss diving into a bowl of our best chili recipe!

If you want chili from scratch, our instant pot chili is your answer. It took us 10 years to discover an award winning chili recipe and this is finally it, plus it’s an instant pot chili which means it’s all done in less than 1 hour (with instructions for cooking on the stove top or crock pot as well)!! It is full of bacon, ground beef, beans, and all the toppings you want!


Instant Pot Chili that is award winning and bringing home chili cook-off victories across the country.  You don't want to miss diving into a bowl of our best chili recipe!


Let’s talk about how to make this chili step by step, and discuss what goes well with it, and how to freeze chili to eat later. So much to talk about, so let’s get going!


We attended a chili cook-off and brought this awesome Cheesy Ground Beef Enchilada Chili. It was so good, but soooo many arteries were clogged that night. It’s a pretty unhealthy chili, but I heard a rumor that if you don’t eat it alone the calories don’t count.

Pretty sure that’s true.

If you want a healthy chili recipe, you should definitely try our award winning healthy turkey instant pot chili and all chili, healthy or not so healthy, should be accompanied with a side of corn bread or our crazy easy 7-Up biscuits!


Want the best chili recipe for 2018? I got you covered with this instant pot award winning chili recipe and yes, there's bacon involved!


Oh! And listen to this, at the chili cook-off a couple of people brought muffin tins and then placed a sample scoop of chili in each well so they could try them all and vote without going back or over eating. GENIUS. That’s seriously the smartest thing ever. Next to figuring out this award winning instant pot chili recipe, right?!

We hurried and made you all a video to help with the questions. Thank you for all of your love and support with making this the #1 instant pot chili recipe out there!


How to Make Chili in an Instant Pot

Making the chili in an instant pot is really easy because there’s an actual setting for chili and beans (if you don’t have that setting, you can totally use “manual”). That pretty much takes all of the thinking out of this, and everything can be done in the instant pot, which means only one dish to clean!!

Have you seen our Instant Pot cheat sheet? Head there are all our tips for cooking all the basics in your Instant Pot!

How Long to Cook Chili in an Instant Pot

From start to finish, 18 minutes is all it took to cook this amazing chili, but you could push it to 30 minutes for even more flavor, and I had no reason for rushing, it was purely because instant pot is in my head so I wanted it instantly done. Let’s go through it step by step:

  1. Turn your instant pot to “saute” and cook the bacon until crispy.
  2. Remove the bacon and saute the bell peppers and onions until tender.
  3. Add the ground beef and cook until browned and drain any excess grease.
  4. Add all the remaining ingredients and stir everything together
  5. Place the lid on the instant pot and set to “chili” mode (“manual” can be used too).
  6. Cook for 18-20 minutes and allow a natural release fro 10-15 minutes. If you get the burn notice, please see the section below.
  7. Once it is cooked, serve it up and top with all your favorite toppings.



Want the best chili recipe for 2018? I got you covered with this instant pot award winning chili recipe and yes, there's bacon involved!



How to Brown Meat for our Chili in an Instant Pot

  1. Alright, start with your bacon. Always.
    • Whenever bacon is going in a dish we crisp it first, drain the fat and leave the browned bits in the pan. All it does is add extra flavor to whatever comes next
    • Start by pressing the saute button and once you can feel the heat, add the chopped bacon, stirring occasionally until crisp. Remove to a paper towel lined plate and drain the fat
  2. Next, grab your ground beef. Any kind is fine for chili since other flavors are in there, but there’s more flavor in an 80/20 versus 90/10, though you will need to drain out the fat before continuing on.
    • Make sure you stir occasionally in order to crumble the meat instead of having big chunks. Chili shouldn’t be big and chunky. Leave that to the hippopotamuses.  (Totally had to spell check that one. Who knew hippos could be so difficult.)


Want the best chili recipe for 2018? I got you covered with this instant pot award winning chili recipe and yes, there's bacon involved!



Burn Notice on Instant Pot

We’ve had a lot of questions, comments and concerns about the burn notice on the instant pot.

  • Cooking the Bacon Burn Notice- Is your bacon extra thin or lacking fat? Both of these can cause the bacon to stick to the bottom of the pot and cause a burn notice. Those browned bits stuck to the pot because of the lack of flat can make the instant pot think that you’ve walked away and left meat to burn.

To counter this, please use a good quality bacon and stir often to keep it from sticking.

  • Prior browned bits on the pot- If your pot had previous food stuck to the bottom of the pot it will continue to cook and confuse the pot to thinking that something is burning. Clean your pot well after every use. Bar Keeper’s Friend is my go-to cleaner for browned bits in pots and pans.


Instant pot chili but it can be made in a slow cooker too! Best chili recipe ever!


  • Burn notice after the chili has been combined- If your chili has been combined and then you get the burn notice you probably didn’t thoroughly stir everything together or something is stuck to the bottom of the pot. This is why that bacon step is important. if you added those heavy ingredients and added the lid something will probably stick and burn. Stir well, make sure you measured properly.

We have not ever had a burn notice. If you’re getting quite a few, make sure that pot is clean, stir things well, adding oil while cooking the bacon if it appears that there isn’t much fat, and if none of that works, you should contact instant pot as you may have a model that needs to be replaced.


What to Eat with Chili from Scratch

We’ve already mentioned our corn bread and crazy easy 7-Up biscuits, which make awesome sides. Really any sort of bread will get the job done beautifully, but if you are making this in an instant pot, then you probably want dinner done in a hurry, so these 1 Hour Rolls are your answer! I often like something light and fresh with my chili like this garden balsamic avocado salad. I’ve also heard that people eat cinnamon rolls with chili, and I fully endorse this! Try our World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls!


Instant Pot Chili that is award winning and bringing home chili cook-off victories across the country. You don't want to miss diving into a bowl of our best chili recipe!


How to Freeze our Chili

Chili is really easy to freeze as there isn’t any dairy or fibrous vegetables to mess with texture and flavor. Cool your chili completely and store in ziplocs with all the air pressed out, or we prefer to use our Food Saver as the chili tastes as fresh as the day it was made. You can store individual servings to eat for lunch or larger portions to feed the whole family later.

How to Make our Best Chili Recipe in a Slow Cooker or Crock Pot

To make slow cooker chili (I linked up to the brand and model we prefer) or of course make chili in a crock pot if that’s what you have, you’ll need to cook the bacon and ground beef in a pan, then add the peppers and onions to saute them all nice and tender. Then dump it all in a slow cooker and we prefer 5-6 hours on low or 3 hours on high, though I have probably only used the high function twice. Low and slow really allows the spices to bloom, or in other words to open up and really do their thing.

Why Make Soup or Chili in an Instant Pot


When you pressure cook something not only does it make it super tender but oh how it enhances flavor!! Our award winning instant pot chili recipe totally proves that a little pressure can be a really good thing!

When it comes to chili, I want it to be full of flavor, bold and comforting! Friends, this recipe is the result of me making dozens of recipes in order to find the greatest chili of all time. So I tell you hands down this chill recipe is the VERY BEST!  


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Want the best chili recipe for 2018? I got you covered with this instant pot award winning chili recipe and yes, there's bacon involved!
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Instant Pot Award Winning Chili Recipe

Instant Pot Chili that is award winning and bringing home chili cook-off victories across the country.  You don't want to miss our best chili recipe ever!
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time40 mins
Total Time50 mins
Course: 100 + BEST Easy Beef Recipes for Dinner
Keyword: beans, ground beef, instant pot, main dish, Our Top 10 Best Chili Recipes, soup
Servings: 8 servings
Calories: 459kcal
Author: Sweet Basil


  • 1 1/2 Pounds Ground Beef
  • 6 Strips of Bacon good quality, chopped
  • 1 Can 15 ounces Kidney Beans, drained
  • 1 Can 15 ounces  Pinto beans, drained
  • 1 Can 15 ounces Black beans, drained
  • 1 Can 15 ounces Fire Roasted diced tomatoes with juice
  • 1 Can 6 ounce Tomato paste
  • 1 large Red onion chopped
  • 1 Red bell pepper seeded and chopped
  • 1 Jalapeño seeded and minced *optional
  • 2 Cups Beef stock
  • 1 Tablespoon Dried oregano
  • 2 Teaspoons ground cumin
  • 2 Teaspoons Kosher salt
  • 1 Teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 Teaspoon Smoked Paprika
  • 2 Tablespoons chili powder
  • 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon Minced garlic

For Garnish

  • Sour Cream
  • Cilantro
  • Cheese shredded


  • Turn your instant pot to sauté and add the bacon.
  • Cook until crisp, stirring often to cook evenly.
  • Remove the bacon to a paper towel lined plate.
  • Add the onions and peppers and cook until tender.
  • Add the meat and cook until browned.
  • Drain off any excess grease, we just tilt the pot and use a large spoon.
  • Add all of the remaining ingredients and 3/4 of the bacon and stir to combine.
  • Turn the instant pot to chili (if you don't have a "chili" setting, use the "manual" setting) and cook for 18-20 minutes*. Allow pressure to release for 10-15 minutes or quick release with the vent.
  • Serve with limes, sour cream, cheese, and a little bacon!



For the stove: Cook everything in the pot just like you do for the instant pot and then allow to simmer on low heat for 3 hours. For the slow cooker: Cook the bacon and set aside on a plate. Cook the onion and peppers and set aside on another plate. Drain any excess grease and add the meat, cooking until browned. Add everything into the pot, leaving out a little bacon for garnish and cook on low for 5-6 hours or on high for 3 hours. Most batches will be done after 18 minutes, however we've had a few times when the flavor just wasn't there yet, so feel free to pressure cook a little longer for more flavor or if your beans are not as tender as you'd like. To freeze, cool the chili completely. Place in a large ziploc bag or FoodSaver, removing all air and freeze by laying flat for up to 2 months. 


Serving: 1bowl | Calories: 459kcal | Carbohydrates: 33g | Protein: 36g | Fat: 21g | Saturated Fat: 8g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 10g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 89mg | Sodium: 1110mg | Fiber: 9g | Sugar: 10g
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If you are still looking for another excellent chili recipe, this Old Fashioned Chili Recipe, this All Beef American chili recipe, and this 5 Ingredient Crockpot Chili Recipe have been some of our favorites!


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836 comments on “Award Winning Instant Pot Chili Recipe [+VIDEO]”

  1. Where do I find the actual recipe?

  2. I think I am in the minority that didn’t like the flavor of this. The beef stock, Worcestershire sauce, and bacon all together was just more umami than I am used to in my chili. I might pick one of the three, but not all at once the next time I make this. I like to have the smoky and sweet front and center and the umami in the background. This recipe just didn’t meet my personal preference.

  3. OMG! Everbody is RAVING at my house tonight! A-MAZ_ING!!! The bacon is the extra touch that makes the flavors shine! The only thing we did different was we used ground turkey for a healthier option. This recipes is a KEEPER! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!

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  5. Award winning is a joke of a title. This is hands down THE most flavorless chili recipe I have tried. Don’t waste your time with it. 

    • Bahahaha! Have you read all the raving reviews we’ve received about this? And there is no way with all those seasonings and bacon that it will be flavorless. Thanks for trying!

  6. My instant pot doesn’t have a “chili” setting, so I opted for “meat/stew. For anyone else with a similar issue, do NOT use this setting. It doesn’t come to pressure, just boils. Use the “manual” setting.

  7. I have made this twice and it’s great! I think it did burn a little the first time, so the second time, I put the tomato paste on top of everything else after I had stirred them together so the tomato paste would not burn. The liquid part of this is so delicious.

  8. I’ve made this twice now and the second time I “adjusted” the recipe to be Whole30 compliant, and both times my husband and I have been blown away with how good it is! Definitely our go-to chili recipe from now on!

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  10. Hi I’m new to instapot. What does it mean when you say “allow pressure to release for 10-15 minutes”? Does that mean to turn the knob on top one way or the other?

  11. Hi, the serving size says one bowl. Is that one cup serving size or something else?  This is our 2d time making this. It really is delicious. 

  12. Great recipe. I read the comments before cooking so I was able to adjust as needed. I used a 6qt LUX pot. 
    I increased the bacon a couple slices only because I love bacon. Didnt have any issues during sauté. Veggies came out perfect. I also increased the beef because I didn’t want to waste any. Used 2.25lbs. Worked just fine. I like to season throughout the cooking process so I added salt and pepper to both the onions/bell pepper and ground beef above what the recipe calls for. For the spices I added 1.5tsp of cayenne pepper for spice,  1.5 tbsp of granulated garlic, and 1/2 tsp of red pepper flake. This brought the heat level up, but didn’t over power the dish. After I got the top on I used manual for 18min. It filled the house with an amazing chili smell. Ate with cheese,sour cream, and cilantro. Simple amazing!!! Thanks for a great dish. 

  13. Made this for the second time tonight. EXCELLENT recipe! the family loved it.

    Info for the folks that have problems with Burn message. The first time I made this I followed the instructions as written and got a burn message just after reaching pressure. I have two IP so I released pressure and carefully emptied the contents into a clean pot and restarted. Again just after coming to pressure burn message again. I just simmered on saute for 10-15 minutes and it turned out ok.

    This time I followed the instructions EXCEPT I didn’t add the tomato paste until after pressure cooking was complete. I let the pressure natural release for 5 minutes then quick released the pressure. Added the tomato paste and simmered on saute mode low for about 10 minutes. No burn messages this time. Turned out wonderful.

    I followed the recipe as written with one exception, in place of the jalapeno I put a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce into a mini food processor and processed until everything was chopped and added 3 or 4 Tbls , maybe a little more 🙂 . It added spice and a nice smokey flavor. Careful if you don’t like heat, chipotles (smoked jalapenos) can be quite spicy.

  14. Oh my goodness. My husband and I just finished our bowl and needed to post a comment because WOW! I’ll spell it for you backwards too…WOW! We made it with a tweek here and there because we were missing some ingredients and did it with homemade Worcestershire sauce…..SO GOOD! It is safe to say we will be using this for the chilli cook off this year.

    Thank you!

  15. I am trying this recipe for the first time tonight, but I have a question. I have a large family so without a doubt, I will need to double everything and we may have a little left over (I’m hoping)! I’m still new to IP cooking. With that said, does the cooking time remain the same (18 minutes) or should I add time for twice the amount of ingredients?

    • Cooking time will stay the same but we’ve had mixed reviews on a double batch fitting in the IP. You may want to consider cooking it stove top or in two separate batches.

      • You’re right. It doesn’t quite fit into a 6 qt. but I think if I had an 8 qt. it would. I went ahead and mixed up a double batch then took some out and set aside, which actually worked out perfect as my husband likes it spicier than the rest of the house, so I spiced his chili up with some red pepper flakes! I have a hard time getting all of my children to eat one meal, but loved this recipe! My 4 year old specifically told me that she does not eat chili, as she was watching me make it. I told her this was a different recipe than I normally make and she was at least going to try it. We topped it with sour cream and cheese and my 4 year old ate 2 bowls! 

      • Now that is a reason to celebrate!! Any time the whole family likes a meal it is like a PARTY!! You’ve made my day Tanzi!!

  16. for 30 minutes prep and 20 minutes cook time…NOT bad. I felt it was lacking in intense flavor I find in chili, I need to add more spice but not heat. Do not cook over 20 minutes or so, beans become to soft

  17. Made this tonight—4th thing I’ve made in the Instant Pot (still a novice).  I followed the recipe exactly and it came out AWESOME!!! I’m replacing my old chili recipe with this—so much better!  I had no issues with burning like other reviewers. I used the 8 qt pot and didn’t change a thing. Thanks for the great recipe!!!

  18. Instant Pot success! I’m pretty new to the IP world and this is the first chili recipe I’ve tried. It is now filed away as the only one I need! I also used 2 pounds of beef, because I didn’t feel like splitting it up. I added a hair more stock because I was afraid of some of the other comments warning of burning or not enough liquid. In the end, I dont think it was needed. I also didn’t realize until it was too late that I didn’t have enough cumin and paprika on hand. I just used what I had and it was still delicious. Cant wait to see what it tastes like when I use the right amounts!!
    I used an Instant Pot brand 6qt LUX. Cooked on manual set for 18 minutes. Saved the tomatoes and paste for the top and didn’t stir it in. No burn notice. 😊

  19. I was going to complain about the absence of a ‘Jump to Recipe’ button, but the chili was so good, I’m no longer annoyed. ;-)) Awesome, you two; I stayed pretty true to your recipe adding only another half pound of meat, a second pepper, mushrooms, and 1 tsp. of Chipotle Chili Powder for a smokier flavour and a little heat. I did not add the Jalapeno or the bacon. Trying to limit my red meat intake, so I’ll try it with ground turkey next time. Many years ago I was part of a chili cook-off team, so I’ve made, and eaten a lot of chili; this one is up there with the best I’ve ever had.

  20. Ive attempted this twice. The first time was exactly as written. Of course I got the burn notice. So I emptied the pot cleaned re-attempted. Yep burn notice. Did that twice, same results. Ate some uncooked chili. Second attempt cleaned the pot after cooking meat. Threw everything back in…burn notice. Emptied cleaned, repeat times 3…and yep, burn notice. Rage and threw it away.

    • lol I don’t think i could have thrown my food away. If I was desperate I would have just put on the saute function and cooked it. I mean its not as fast os using the pressure cooker, but its better than wasting ingredents. plus the flavor would have been the same.

    • I was afaid of burn notice so I just put tomato products on top. It came to pressure and is counting down right now.

  21. I made this with my 2, 4 and 6 year old kids tonight and it was brilliantly easy! We added a cup of chopped carrots and stirred in a cup of frozen corn once it was done cooking… I probably added extra broth but my son was pouring so who knows 😂 I decided to cook brown rice (in the rice cooker) at the same time and was really glad as the chili was a bit liquidy. It was AMAZING over rice!!! Most of us put shredded cheese on top but my 4 year old chef ate his pure and asked for seconds. Super yummy recipe and lots of leftovers. Thank you!

  22. Would I need to make any changes to the amount of liquid or the cook time, if I use dried beans instead of canned?

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  24. I had my husband cook the ground meat (used venison) in a skillet while I cooked bacon & veggies in the IP. Just to save time. I removed the bacon, but left the grease in there. Sautéed the veggies in it, and the liquid from the veggies deglazed the browned bits. So, maybe others getting a burn notice have lots of browned bits on the bottom of the pot? Just a thought. I mixed everything, but just dumped the tomatoes and paste on top…didn’t mix those up. I didn’t have a problem! I have the LUX version. No chili button on mine, so just used manual at 18 min. Great recipe!

    • Thank you for the feedback Patty! It is so hit or miss for everyone. We are working on a section to address the whole BURN message thing. Your feedback is so appreciated! Xoxo!

  25. This is some of the best chili I have ever had in my entire life! My family loved it so much that my plan to have leftovers never came to fruition, haha.

    I have one of the newer Instant Pots and also got the BURN message. Rather than take everything out of the pot and washing it as suggested by so many sites, I just went in there with a spoon (after turning it off) gave the bottom a good scrub and added a bit more broth. These newer pots apparently don’t like tomatoes very much so now I add the tomato products on top of everything else.

  26. Absolutely fantastic flavor!! Thank you!

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  28. Can someone please help me with the burn issue? This is the second time I’ve tried making this recipe and it burns every time. I even cooked the bacon, beef, and veggies in a separate pan so the instant pot was 100% clean with nothing on the bottom. I even added extra beef stock. I never get the burn message for other recipes.

  29. This is the only chili I will make anymore, since I discovered and fell in love with it six months ago.  I am participating in the Whole30 this month, and decided to give a Whole30 specific chili recipe a try. Umm, I’m forever changed and that just won’t do, apparently!  So tonight, I made homemade Worcestershire sauce and swapped out the beans for extra peppers, celery and jicama. And guess what – it’s still DELICIOUS! Bravo. You have a true fan over here!

  30. Ok… so I always get upset with people who don’t give rave reviews about a recipe when they tweak it. But I am tweaking it tonight. I’m a Nurse at the VA in surgery and always cook a home cooked meal for my call crew (usually 4 people- but at least 10 people randomly show up when they know I’ve cooked something). I read nothing but positive things about this recipe! And for that purpose, I am attempting to double the recipe, using my instant pot not for an immediate dish… but to use the sauté mode for the bacon, veggies, and meat and then use as a slow cooker all night. I have an 8 qt. I followed this recipe EXACTLY with double ingredients,  but after cooking the meat and veggies -and straining the fat off, deglazed the brown bits off of the bottom of the instant pot with 1 TB balsamic vinegar and a wooden spoon. Then I added all of the ingredients with the deglazed bits/balsamic vingegar. The instant pot is on low to simmer all night as a crock pot! You can easily double this recipe if you don’t use the pressure cook mode. 

    It hasn’t been cooking for even 10 minutes and it smells amazing! And I have zero pans to clean yet! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I can’t wait to serve it to my Veterans tomorrow night! 

  31. I made this for dinner tonight, it was SOOO good! I had it with cheese, sour cream and some Fritos.  My husband and sons had seconds! Will definately make this again. 

  32. Can macoroni be added to this?

  33. I sm watching my calories, so I am curious if the nutrition information is with or without the toppings.

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  35. can you tell me the measurements for 1 bowl? is that a cup?

  36. I made this chilli and Was satisfied how it Turned out. My friends also liked how it tasted. I pressure cooked it for a total of 12 minutes. I would recommend this recipe so there you go.

  37. Excellent! made it last week. I like spice so added Serrano pepper . served with whip cream, fritos and cheese.. was awesome


  39. Best Chile I’ve ever made! I did sauté veggies and meat in skillet on stove with spices. Added extra bell pepper, can of beans and diced tomatoes. Doubled the garlic. Used chocolate/ Chile powder mix. Extra broth. Set instapot for 1 hr.

    Fed 9 people. Not a drop left. Yum.  

  40. When I did this recipe I got the burn message on my IP. I removed the contents, cleaned the pot and set it again to cook on the bean/chili setting and again got the burn message. What am I doing wrong?

    • You don’t have enough liquid in the pot. Add some extra liquid.

    • I’m so sorry Marilyn! It is so hit or miss for our readers for the burn message. I wish I had the end all, be all answer. Everything needs to be thoroughly stirred and additional liquid can be added if needed. We have also had readers have success with adding the tomatoes and tomato paste to the top and not stirring it in until it is done cooking. We have never had a problem with it. So sorry again!

  41. I am fairly new to the IP. I have also never commented on any of the recipes that I have ever tried, until now. So delicious!! This is now the only chili recipe I will use!! According to my son, “This chili is banging!!” Thank you!!

  42. Our very first Instant Pot meal and it was a huge success! Thank you for the straightforward directions. We followed directions and ingredients exactly; it was incredibly easy and chili was fantastic. This recipe produced really developed flavors.   (Loved the addition of 3 kinds of beans)

  43. Good recipe. I like a thicker chili so also add a large can of tomato sauce (or spaghetti sauce), and less broth.

  44. Hi! I’m about to try this and serve it for a small party, but I’m nervous after reading all the questions about the burn errors. I’ve never had that message on anything I’ve ever cooked in my instant pot. You mentioned it may be an issue with newer ones? I bought mine a little over a year ago… would you consider it to be one of the “new ones?” Any tips to avoid the burn message?  Thank you!! 

    • Well, I made this and it was amazing! I never comment on recipes, but this was too good not to let you know. I didn’t have an issue with the burn message… to avoid it, I added an extra cup of broth and used tomato sauce instead of tomato paste. It came out a bit too liquidy. I used some flour and water to thicken it and switched it to sauté for a few extra minutes. Worked out perfectly! Thanks for the recipe. 

    • Hi Karla! We have honestly never had this problem, so it is hard for me to say exactly. One reader said that new Instant Pots are more sensitive, but I don’t know what time frame would constitute as “newer”. Some people have put the tomatoes and tomato paste on the top and not stirred it in and had success with no burn notice. You can always add more liquid if it seems too thick.

  45. I don’t normally leave comments for the recipies I try, but this chili is amazing. I swapped in jalapeno bacon for an extra kick, but followed the recipe to a t. So delicious! Definitely a keeper. Thanks!

  46. This recipe is similar to my old standard chili recipe, but unfortunately it did not work in our Instant Pot. We got the ‘burn’ warning of death twice in cooking cycle. I had to give up and just eat it without it ever even building up pressure. Frustrating.

    • I’m so sorry this happened! We have never had a problem with the burn message, so I am not sure why it is happening for several people. We’ve had a few people say they had success adding the tomatoes and tomato paste on the top and not mixing it in until it is finished cooking.

    • This happened to us too, but we took the risk and let it ride out with the burn warnings. Turned out great – and it was safe afterall! The instant pot will adjust itself on its own after the warnings, don’t worry. I came across the warn sign twice. Worth the risk, tastes delicious!

  47. Just made this and are it, oh my word it was so delicious. thank you

  48. Do you drain and since the beans, or just put the whole can juice and all in ?

  49. I absolutely love how easy this comforting chili recipe is! Thanks for sharing!

  50. I really appreciate your information that cooking chili in an instant pot is both quick and allows the chili to develop a great flavor. The only issue is that I do not have an instant pot and it always takes so long in a crockpot or on the stove. Until we decide to invest in an instant pot, I think that I will look into buying some quality frozen gourmet chili instead.

  51. I made this yesterday and it was a huge hit!! I have an 8 qt duo and I wanted to double it but I read comments that it wouldn’t fit, so I ended up using 2 lbs of ground beef, 5 cans of beans, and 3 cups of beef broth. I followed the directions and mixed everything really well. Then I added the tomato paste (8-10 oz) and diced tomatoes (2 cans of Rotel – one was habanero) on top and didn’t stir. I started cooking the bacon at 4 and we were eating at 5:20!! I was expecting it to be liquidy but it was actually thick. I will probably add a little more broth next time. Thanks for the amazing recipe!!

  52. First time instant pot user here and this was my first meal to try tonight! It was a hit!! Everyone loved it. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. 

    • Were you so scared to use it the first time? I was scared! I’m so glad your first experience was a success! We have a whole section on the blog for instant pot recipes that you should definitely check out!

  53. I received an Instant Pot for Christmas and have been trying out different recipes in it. I came across your recipe for the Award Winning Healthy Turkey Instant Pot Chili and decided to make it for supper tonight. Wow, my husband and I both loved it!! The only thing different I did was use just one tablespoon of chili powder…hubby does not like spicy food…and I used regular bacon instead of the turkey bacon. I drained off the bacon fat. It was a delicious recipe. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  54. Hey! I tried making this but every time I get burn on my 6qt instant pot. I don’t know what goes wrong. Tried adding more water and mixing it properly several times. 

    • We honestly have never had this issue, but several of our readers have. Some people have had success adding the tomato paste and diced tomatoes at the end and not stirring them in until after it has cooked. I’ve been told new Instant Pots are more sensitive to the burn message. I’m so sorry!

      • yeah i read that later i shouldnt have mixed the tomato paste. i added a lot of water and it eventually cooked. then i dried the excess water on the saute mode. it was delicious. thanks for the recipe!!

      • I’m so glad it worked out! Sorry it was a bit of a hassle! Hopefully all the kinks are worked out for next time!

  55. Really good. My girlfriend likes her chili bland in my opinion and I like it pretty spicy. I didn’t have jalepenos so I added crushed red pepper and extra chili powder to my bowls. Turned out very well. Will make again. 

  56. What do you do if the instant pot read burn?

    • Hi Heather! Make sure it is stirred thoroughly. You can add more liquid if needed. Another tip a few other readers have tried is putting the tomato paste and diced tomatoes on top and then cooking.

  57. I got an 8qt Instant Pot for Christmas and I’ve been searching for recipes to make in it. I came across this one and having never made homemade chili before, I took the plunge because of the rave reviews. I didn’t eat it myself because I do keto and can’t have the beans, but my husband and kids said it was amazing! I do have a question though. It seemed more like soup. I realized I completely forgot the tomato paste…and also the oregano. That’s what happens when I’m distracted, LOL. Could it be soupy because of the omitted tomato paste or is it supposed to have that consistency ? It looked like your pictures. I also doubled it in my 8qt and it all fit just fine with no burn messages. I’ll definitely be making this again, and next time I won’t forget to add all the ingredients , LOL. 

    • Thank you for your review Heidi! Yes, the tomato paste is the key to make it thick like you would expect a chili to be. You can also omit the beans if you want to, and then you can eat it next time. Reduce the broth slightly if you do no beans.

  58. Wonderful chili! Made this tonight and will definitely be making again and again. Didn’t change a thing. Flavorful, good texture, with the right amount of kick for our taste. Definitely a keeper!

  59. I left out the beans and therefore cut the broth to 1cup. I did not have smoky Paprika so I used regular. It turned out excellent. 

  60. Was awesome chili.. I added the optional jalapeno and also stepped it up a little with a Serrano.. all came out great . had chili and a hot dog.. put chili on the dog as well.. used sour cream/ fritos and grated cheese on the bowl.. will make again

  61. Made this for the second time tonight. My husband thinks it is the best chili he has ever tasted. 

  62. What size Instant Pot are you using? Could I 1 1/2 times the recipe for an 8 qt. pot?

  63. Sooo goood!!! I used leftover Christmas Prime rib for the meat but followed the rest of the recipe exactly in my Instant Pot. Tasted like chili that took hours to cook but it was done in no time. Definitely going into our dinner rotation. 

  64. There’s so much flavor in this chili! And so easy to make for the entire family. d

  65. My instant pot doesn’t have a chili button. Would I use the soup/stew button?  I have a Lux 8 quart 

  66. Could you replace beef stock with chicken stock.? That is all I have in stock?

  67. Well, I don’t have an Insta Pot, however I would love to make this chili using my Dutch oven. Any tips?

  68. My 12 year old son made your Chili today for his Boy Scout Troops Annual Chili Cookoff Christmas Party… and drumroll please….  It won the 1st Prize! We added a little more cumin and oregano and doubled the recipe and cooking time!!! But we’re proud to bring home the Grand Prize!

  69. Love love LOVE this chili!!! Award winning is right, we won a chili cook off at hubby’s work and $50! Lol. Plus hubby says it’s the best chili he’s ever had.  I think I agree. My ONE complaint is that it doesn’t make enough! Lol. I want to double this in an 8qt, do you have any insight into if the cook time needs to be adjusted? 

    • We have been told by other readers that it doesn’t quite fit in an 8 qt if you double it. You could probably double it in a very large slow cooker or on the stove top. Cook time for those methods should stay the same. I’m so glad you love it and that it brought home a victory at the chili cook off!

  70. Luckily, the Instant Pot is perfect for making Super Bowl recipes that fit the bill, from melty cheese dips to miniature meatballs and platters of pulled pork-topped nachos.

  71. Just won a chili cook off with this recipe!

    Couple of things I changed. I did use the entire box of beef broth. Slow cooked it last night for a couple hours. Tasted it today and added some hot pepper flakes, more oregano, pepper and smoked paperika, salt , pepper and cumin
    Put on the chili setting for 30 minutes.  Quick release.  Added more cumin after tasting one more time. 
    Off it went on slow cook. My husband even voted for it, not knowing which one was mine!

  72. Made this for supper last night and MAN WAS IT GOOD!! Being a Texas girl you know we are particular about two things Barbecue and Chili but I tell you sincerely this is my new “Go To” recipe for chili. I admit that I was a bit apprehensive about the beans and in fairness I dont like beans to begin with but took a leap of faith and put 2 cans of chili beans in the chili and thickened it up with a slurry at the end. It was absolutely fantastic!! Thanks ever so much!! 👍👍👍👍👍

  73. There are a lot of comments, but too many to try to read them all to get my answer. I would like to use fresh beans. I know to soak them and I would need to use more liquid, but how long should I cook it for using the fresh dried beans? I have a 6 and 8 qt crockpot express cooker with a chili setting.

    • Hi Jaline! You’ll want to completely cook your beans before putting them into this recipe.

      • I just made this recipe tonight… I added a bunch of spice, because, well IMHO Chili should have some kick…. Also… there was a lot of “fluid” probably left over from the canned beans. But I’m of the mind that next time, I used dried beans, and cook for a bit longer.. draw the flavor into the beans….? and get rid of some of that excess moisture…

      • Hmmmm…we’ve never had an issue with extra liquid. If you do use dried beans next time, we recommend soaking them and cooking them first.

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  75. CAUTION!! If you make this recipe and use the slow cooker method, do not do high for 3 hours like it says!! I used this option and my chili was dry and burned! I would not recommend high on 3 hours. All the work putting the chili together and it wasn’t edible!!

    • That is so strange! We have made this several times in the slow cooker and have never had a problem. I’m sorry this didn’t turn out for you!

      • I had the same problem in my instant pot bkept getting ”burn” msg. Even went back to check that used the correct amount of liquid. So disappointed. 

      • We have had several people say this which is so strange because we have honestly never had an issue with it. One reader wrote that they add the tomatoes and tomato paste to the top and didn’t stir it in until the end. I’m so sorry! You can always add more liquid if you need it.

  76. Love your chilli👍👍

  77. Great recipe! It won 2nd place in my workplace chili cook-off out of ~20 very delicious varieties.

    Made the chili the night before in the Instant Pot, covered and fridged, then transferred to a slow-cooker to transport and re-heat the following morning. Only the third time I have used my Instant Pot and everything has been great!

  78. Can you make this in a crock pot? I don’t have an instant pot.

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  80. First batch was way to ‘Tomatoey’ for our tastes. Second batch I left out the can of tomato paste, substituted a 40 oz. can of chili beans for the 3 cans & added a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. Now we LOVE it!

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  82. Just finished making this in my 6 Quart Lux and it turned out perfect. I followed the instructions exactly, outside of the meat. I used half ground sirloin and half lean ground beef. Everyone really loved it! Have this planned again for next weekend. Thanks!

  83. This recipe sounded great. However in actual fact it is a lot of prep and when you actually cook it in the instant pot it causes a burn based on following the instructions. Wasted time and meal. 

  84. HI, how do you prevent the chili from sticking to the bottom and burning. My instant pot give me that message, I removed the lid and sure enough it was sticking to the bottom.

    • Make sure it is stirred thoroughly. You can add more liquid if you need to. One of our readers suggested pouring the tomatoes and tomato paste on top at the end. I’m sorry the Instant Pot is giving you problems!

  85. Followed your recipe to the letter and the chili came out perfectly. This was my second time cooking with my new Instant Pot. Loved how everything was done in one pot. Loved how I could fry the bacon in the pot and didn’t have to worry about grease splattering everywhere. Delicious chili and very easy clean up!

  86. We’re making this now and although we’ve followed the directions carefully, we’ve gotten the “BURN” message on the display twice (even after removing the chili from the inner pot and deglazing it). Did you use high pressure or low? We used high (the default for chili/beans), but we’ll try low pressure now. Crossing our fingers because it looks and smells delicious. 

    • We’ve been told new Instant Pots are more sensitive to the Burn message. Make sure it is stirred thoroughly and you can always add more liquid if you need to! We use the chili setting or the manual setting for those that don’t have a chili setting.

  87. Family loved it, brother said it was the best chili he’s ever had. Only changes I used: 2.5 lbs venison, 3 peppers, 3 jalapeños, 2 cans of black beans, added extra chili and cayenne pepper seasonings. Making again today but with beef. Going to add corn also.

  88. Instant Pot was used, and this was excellent!  I used everything that was listed, and two additional ingredients were added to just make it smoother tasting.  I added about 1/2 -1 teaspoons each of cocoa powder and sugar. My family raved about how it had the heat, but still had the sweet smooth taste. It’s certainly a hit. Thanks for sharing. 

  89. Made this last night and it was incredibly delicious. For us, next time I will add one more jalapeño and a little cayenne pepper to make it slightly more spicy. We have leftovers for three more dinners. Can’t wait! Thank you for sharing this awesome instant pot recipe. 

  90. Made your chili tonight…very good! My family agrees…it makes delicious chili fries!

  91. This is the best Chili recipe I have ever made. I have made it 5 times already. I do lower carb…so I use 1 can of beans and 2 pounds ground beef. Soooo good. My husband loves it. Thanks so much!!

  92. I just made this for the first time, but the final result is WAY too soupy, not thick like chili. I cooked it for 20 minutes using the Manual setting on my Cosori pressure cooker. I was a bit reluctant at first to go with two cups of beef stock because that sounded like too much liquid. Any advice?

  93. This recipe only my 3rd for instant pot, previously sounded like I hated this chili well I love it. Waited for the steam release, lifted the lid chili looked cooked even when IP message burned can on the screen. Long story short had 2 bowls so delicious, next time I’ll adjust the amounts. Having a bowl for work than another for dinner. Thank you!!

  94. Very disappointed in following your chili advice.Before putting the lid on removed quite a bit to get the chili down to half way. Received “Burn” message on my instant pot 6 qrt. Checked manual states I should turn off instant pot. You should state proper measurements for instant pots to stay below 1/2 full. Thinking you should halve all your values.

    • The 6 qt Instant Pot is the size that we use and we’ve never had a problem with it cooking properly. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you! You’ll want to make sure it is all mixed thoroughly to avoid the burn message.

  95. Made this last night.. The only modification was I cubed some chuck roast rather than using ground beef. The texture of the chilli was really nice and the meat came out very tender. Best Chilli I’ve ever made.

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  97. oh my goodness! THE BEST CHILI ever! We are french/german and we do not like spicy food so I completely left out the chili powder and jalapeno. This was absolutely AMAZING. I did not use instant pot (whatever that is?) I used a regular Le creuset dutch oven. Thank you so much for this recipe

  98. Thank you for the recipe.How should I cook this if I’m using regular bean and not canned bean? Thank you

  99. This looks so good.  And perfect weather right now here in Florida for Chile (it’s 34 degrees this am)!   I’m making this tonight.  

  100. This is our easy go to recipe for a cold day that we love. This is my 3rd time making it and the kids even like it so that is a bigger plus for picky eaters.