Award Winning Instant Pot Chili Recipe [+VIDEO]

Instant Pot Chili that is award winning and bringing home chili cook-off victories across the country.  You don’t want to miss diving into a bowl of our best chili recipe!

If you want chili from scratch, our instant pot chili is your answer. It took us 10 years to discover an award winning chili recipe and this is finally it, plus it’s an instant pot chili which means it’s all done in less than 1 hour (with instructions for cooking on the stove top or crock pot as well)!! It is full of bacon, ground beef, beans, and all the toppings you want!


Instant Pot Chili that is award winning and bringing home chili cook-off victories across the country.  You don't want to miss diving into a bowl of our best chili recipe!


Let’s talk about how to make this chili step by step, and discuss what goes well with it, and how to freeze chili to eat later. So much to talk about, so let’s get going!


We attended a chili cook-off and brought this awesome Cheesy Ground Beef Enchilada Chili. It was so good, but soooo many arteries were clogged that night. It’s a pretty unhealthy chili, but I heard a rumor that if you don’t eat it alone the calories don’t count.

Pretty sure that’s true.

If you want a healthy chili recipe, you should definitely try our award winning healthy turkey instant pot chili and all chili, healthy or not so healthy, should be accompanied with a side of corn bread or our crazy easy 7-Up biscuits!


Want the best chili recipe for 2018? I got you covered with this instant pot award winning chili recipe and yes, there's bacon involved!


Oh! And listen to this, at the chili cook-off a couple of people brought muffin tins and then placed a sample scoop of chili in each well so they could try them all and vote without going back or over eating. GENIUS. That’s seriously the smartest thing ever. Next to figuring out this award winning instant pot chili recipe, right?!

We hurried and made you all a video to help with the questions. Thank you for all of your love and support with making this the #1 instant pot chili recipe out there!


How to Make Chili in an Instant Pot

Making the chili in an instant pot is really easy because there’s an actual setting for chili and beans (if you don’t have that setting, you can totally use “manual”). That pretty much takes all of the thinking out of this, and everything can be done in the instant pot, which means only one dish to clean!!

Have you seen our Instant Pot cheat sheet? Head there are all our tips for cooking all the basics in your Instant Pot!

How Long to Cook Chili in an Instant Pot

From start to finish, 18 minutes is all it took to cook this amazing chili, but you could push it to 30 minutes for even more flavor, and I had no reason for rushing, it was purely because instant pot is in my head so I wanted it instantly done. Let’s go through it step by step:

  1. Turn your instant pot to “saute” and cook the bacon until crispy.
  2. Remove the bacon and saute the bell peppers and onions until tender.
  3. Add the ground beef and cook until browned and drain any excess grease.
  4. Add all the remaining ingredients and stir everything together
  5. Place the lid on the instant pot and set to “chili” mode (“manual” can be used too).
  6. Cook for 18-20 minutes and allow a natural release fro 10-15 minutes. If you get the burn notice, please see the section below.
  7. Once it is cooked, serve it up and top with all your favorite toppings.



Want the best chili recipe for 2018? I got you covered with this instant pot award winning chili recipe and yes, there's bacon involved!



How to Brown Meat for our Chili in an Instant Pot

  1. Alright, start with your bacon. Always.
    • Whenever bacon is going in a dish we crisp it first, drain the fat and leave the browned bits in the pan. All it does is add extra flavor to whatever comes next
    • Start by pressing the saute button and once you can feel the heat, add the chopped bacon, stirring occasionally until crisp. Remove to a paper towel lined plate and drain the fat
  2. Next, grab your ground beef. Any kind is fine for chili since other flavors are in there, but there’s more flavor in an 80/20 versus 90/10, though you will need to drain out the fat before continuing on.
    • Make sure you stir occasionally in order to crumble the meat instead of having big chunks. Chili shouldn’t be big and chunky. Leave that to the hippopotamuses.  (Totally had to spell check that one. Who knew hippos could be so difficult.)


Want the best chili recipe for 2018? I got you covered with this instant pot award winning chili recipe and yes, there's bacon involved!



Burn Notice on Instant Pot

We’ve had a lot of questions, comments and concerns about the burn notice on the instant pot.

  • Cooking the Bacon Burn Notice- Is your bacon extra thin or lacking fat? Both of these can cause the bacon to stick to the bottom of the pot and cause a burn notice. Those browned bits stuck to the pot because of the lack of flat can make the instant pot think that you’ve walked away and left meat to burn.

To counter this, please use a good quality bacon and stir often to keep it from sticking.

  • Prior browned bits on the pot- If your pot had previous food stuck to the bottom of the pot it will continue to cook and confuse the pot to thinking that something is burning. Clean your pot well after every use. Bar Keeper’s Friend is my go-to cleaner for browned bits in pots and pans.


Instant pot chili but it can be made in a slow cooker too! Best chili recipe ever!


  • Burn notice after the chili has been combined- If your chili has been combined and then you get the burn notice you probably didn’t thoroughly stir everything together or something is stuck to the bottom of the pot. This is why that bacon step is important. if you added those heavy ingredients and added the lid something will probably stick and burn. Stir well, make sure you measured properly.

We have not ever had a burn notice. If you’re getting quite a few, make sure that pot is clean, stir things well, adding oil while cooking the bacon if it appears that there isn’t much fat, and if none of that works, you should contact instant pot as you may have a model that needs to be replaced.


What to Eat with Chili from Scratch

We’ve already mentioned our corn bread and crazy easy 7-Up biscuits, which make awesome sides. Really any sort of bread will get the job done beautifully, but if you are making this in an instant pot, then you probably want dinner done in a hurry, so these 1 Hour Rolls are your answer! I often like something light and fresh with my chili like this garden balsamic avocado salad. I’ve also heard that people eat cinnamon rolls with chili, and I fully endorse this! Try our World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls!


Instant Pot Chili that is award winning and bringing home chili cook-off victories across the country. You don't want to miss diving into a bowl of our best chili recipe!


How to Freeze our Chili

Chili is really easy to freeze as there isn’t any dairy or fibrous vegetables to mess with texture and flavor. Cool your chili completely and store in ziplocs with all the air pressed out, or we prefer to use our Food Saver as the chili tastes as fresh as the day it was made. You can store individual servings to eat for lunch or larger portions to feed the whole family later.

How to Make our Best Chili Recipe in a Slow Cooker or Crock Pot

To make slow cooker chili (I linked up to the brand and model we prefer) or of course make chili in a crock pot if that’s what you have, you’ll need to cook the bacon and ground beef in a pan, then add the peppers and onions to saute them all nice and tender. Then dump it all in a slow cooker and we prefer 5-6 hours on low or 3 hours on high, though I have probably only used the high function twice. Low and slow really allows the spices to bloom, or in other words to open up and really do their thing.

Why Make Soup or Chili in an Instant Pot


When you pressure cook something not only does it make it super tender but oh how it enhances flavor!! Our award winning instant pot chili recipe totally proves that a little pressure can be a really good thing!

When it comes to chili, I want it to be full of flavor, bold and comforting! Friends, this recipe is the result of me making dozens of recipes in order to find the greatest chili of all time. So I tell you hands down this chill recipe is the VERY BEST!  


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Want the best chili recipe for 2018? I got you covered with this instant pot award winning chili recipe and yes, there's bacon involved!
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Instant Pot Award Winning Chili Recipe

Instant Pot Chili that is award winning and bringing home chili cook-off victories across the country.  You don't want to miss our best chili recipe ever!
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time40 mins
Total Time50 mins
Course: 100 + BEST Easy Beef Recipes for Dinner
Keyword: beans, ground beef, instant pot, main dish, Our Top 10 Best Chili Recipes, soup
Servings: 8 servings
Calories: 459kcal
Author: Sweet Basil


  • 1 1/2 Pounds Ground Beef
  • 6 Strips of Bacon good quality, chopped
  • 1 Can 15 ounces Kidney Beans, drained
  • 1 Can 15 ounces  Pinto beans, drained
  • 1 Can 15 ounces Black beans, drained
  • 1 Can 15 ounces Fire Roasted diced tomatoes with juice
  • 1 Can 6 ounce Tomato paste
  • 1 large Red onion chopped
  • 1 Red bell pepper seeded and chopped
  • 1 Jalapeño seeded and minced *optional
  • 2 Cups Beef stock
  • 1 Tablespoon Dried oregano
  • 2 Teaspoons ground cumin
  • 2 Teaspoons Kosher salt
  • 1 Teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 Teaspoon Smoked Paprika
  • 2 Tablespoons chili powder
  • 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon Minced garlic

For Garnish

  • Sour Cream
  • Cilantro
  • Cheese shredded


  • Turn your instant pot to sauté and add the bacon.
  • Cook until crisp, stirring often to cook evenly.
  • Remove the bacon to a paper towel lined plate.
  • Add the onions and peppers and cook until tender.
  • Add the meat and cook until browned.
  • Drain off any excess grease, we just tilt the pot and use a large spoon.
  • Add all of the remaining ingredients and 3/4 of the bacon and stir to combine.
  • Turn the instant pot to chili (if you don't have a "chili" settng, use the "manual" setting) and cook for 18-20 minutes*. Allow pressure to release for 10-15 minutes or quick release with the vent.
  • Serve with limes, sour cream, cheese, and a little bacon!



For the stove: Cook everything in the pot just like you do for the instant pot and then allow to simmer on low heat for 3 hours. For the slow cooker: Cook the bacon and set aside on a plate. Cook the onion and peppers and set aside on another plate. Drain any excess grease and add the meat, cooking until browned. Add everything into the pot, leaving out a little bacon for garnish and cook on low for 5-6 hours or on high for 3 hours. Most batches will be done after 18 minutes, however we've had a few times when the flavor just wasn't there yet, so feel free to pressure cook a little longer for more flavor or if your beans are not as tender as you'd like. To freeze, cool the chili completely. Place in a large ziploc bag or FoodSaver, removing all air and freeze by laying flat for up to 2 months. 


Serving: 1bowl | Calories: 459kcal | Carbohydrates: 33g | Protein: 36g | Fat: 21g | Saturated Fat: 8g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 10g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 89mg | Sodium: 1110mg | Fiber: 9g | Sugar: 10g
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If you are still looking for another excellent chili recipe, this Old Fashioned Chili Recipe, this All Beef American chili recipe, and this 5 Ingredient Crockpot Chili Recipe have been some of our favorites!


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790 comments on “Award Winning Instant Pot Chili Recipe [+VIDEO]”

  1. Why use canned beans when you have an instapot?

  2. Add a second place award win from me! It was so tastey with a Smokey flavor. I added a 1/2 can of corn and a dash of cayenne, otherwise followed the recipe to a T. The jalapeños I got weren’t super spicy, and I like spicy, so I would add a little more heat. The chili that narrowly beat mine was “the only one with a lot of spice” so I guess it depends on the pallet of the judges. Will DEFINITELY be making this again! Thanks so much!

    • Yeah!!! We love to hear it! Chili cook-offs are totally based on the judges pallets! We had one a few weeks ago and the top three finishers were all white bean chicken chilis. What?! That’s not really chili! Haha! But I’m glad you had success!!

  3. This was by far the best chili that I’ve ever made. I used your recipe as a base but changed it up a bit by adding 1/2 pound of ground pork in addition to the beef, adding an extra can of fire roasted tomatoes, one can of green chilies and replaced one cup of beef broth with a bottle of chocolate porter beer. Seriously 🙌🏼 

  4. Wish this recipe worked out for me, yet with newer “Instant Pots” you’re better off making chili the right way. ON THE STOVE TOP. Or. IN A CROCK POT. Do not try this one in a newer instant pot please. Save yourself the trouble and the constant burn messages. 

    – Award wining chili Chef 

  5. I have to say I was skeptical (I don’t even really like chili), but I just made this for our work chili cookoff and won the Traditional and the Overall categories! So yeah it’s really that good!

    • Yahoo!! We should start keeping track of all the people who win chili cookoffs with this recipe! It makes us so happy to hear people loving this! Thanks for sharing your success and nice work!!

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  7. I made this chili at a chili cook off and won best overall! I topped with bacon and chorizo. Thank you!!!

  8. That looks like a really good chili recipe, but if you haven’t entered into contests and won with this recipe, how can you call it “award winning” over and over? Seem a tad bit fraud-ish to me!

  9. Followed recipe but keep getting burn message please help

  10. Holy COW this recipe is DEEELICIOUS!! Only my second IP recipe and my gawwwwddd, easy, delicious and so easy! And did I mention delicious! It tasted amazing after 20 mins but I added 10 mins on low. Also added 1/2 small can of corn and also 1C butternut squash. Subbed turkey sausage in place of the bacon. Thank you!! Though I want to devour the whole pot myself…🤔🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  11. Best chili I’ve ever eaten. This is the only recipe I’m using for chili. Throwing away the recipe I’ve used (and liked) for years!! Yes…it’s that good…and I’m from Texas!

  12. You just have to love how easy the Instant Pot makes everything. Adding this hearty and delicious chili to my dinner list.

  13. Oh my was this ever delicious and easy to make! Thank you for sharing. 

  14. I was wondering how much you would have to alter the recipe if you were to use dry beans instead of canned? Or if that is not recommended? I have a lot of dry beans I’d like to use up though. And tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

    • I am SO sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, Amanda! It is doable, but it is going to take some extra work. You’ll have to soak the dry beans overnight and completely cook them before adding them to the Instant Pot.

    • Hi Amanda
      3/4 c of each variety of the dry beans. Rise and put in pressure cooker wirh 4 c. of water. I have a bean button that cooks them for 20 minutes. Let pressure release naturally and drain. Then use as directed in the chili recipe

  15. If there is no chilli button on my IP model, is it the same as just hitting the manual button and settimg 25min? Or do I need to lower the setting

  16. This is my new favorite Chili – loved it.

  17. Followed the recipe exactly but keep getting the burn message. Help!

  18. Hi, I’ve made this recipe many times before in my old instant pot with great success. But I recently got a newer model and now I keep get the burn error when I try this recipe, do you have any advice or theories why this keeps happening.

    • Kevin, some newer Instant Pots are more sensitive. I bought my 6 qt. Duo v-3 last November and cannot make “Wendy’s Copycat Chili” without 3 burn msgs before it’s done…and nothing is stuck to the bottom. 3rd time in a ceramic liner, 1 burn msg. Many others use the same recipe with no problem. That’s why I’m here looking for a new recipe. This one caught my eye because it’s so similar to the one my mother makes on the stove.

  19. I like healthy instapot recipes

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  21. Am making this as we speak. As a native Texan, we don’t put beans in our chili so omitted. Smells wonderful!  Can’t wait to try it!

  22. I have an 8 qt. Instant Pot…. if a double this recipe, will it fit or do I need to make two batches?  

    • We got this feedback from someone trying to double it in an 8 qt:
      “I doubled this recipe and have an eight quart. It was just a tad too much, I omitted one can of red kidney beans and scooped out one ladle of content to be on the safe side. It took a lot longer to brown the meat and the bacon, too. FYI!”

      So you’ll need to make a few alterations for it to fit, or just double batch it! Enjoy!!

  23. Could this be made without an instant pot

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  25. Dinner just got so much easier and delicous! Love chili, thank you! 

  26. first time making chili and I won the contest at work.. thank you.

  27. I’ve only made chili a few times in my life…and this one WAS a winner for me this weekend. Made it for a local church Chili Cook Off event. I put it together in a hurry because I was running short on time… As soon as the timer went off, I did a quick pressure release, opened the lid to look at it and ran out the door with it. I didn’t even taste it until I sat down at the dinner. Was really surprised when I WON! It was definitely YUMM! Easy and fast!

  28. This Chill was a hit

  29. We absolutely love this recipe. We alter it a bit by taking the can of black beans out(wife doesn’t like black beans) and adding a can of kidney beans because we took out the black beans. Then we take a cup of the beef stock out and put a bottle of Guinness extra stout(alcohol cooks out)  in place of it. The last time we made it there wasn’t any left my kids devoured it and they don’t normally like chili. Thank you for this recipe.

  30. Wowza – Just made and my husband literally said, “this is award winning chili” (HA!) . We like it SPICY so we used a whole large jalapeno, added 4 chopped chilies in adobo, a roasted poblano (since I had one) and 1/2 can of sweet corn which was hangin in the fridge.

    Like others, I deeply browned the meat separately (2lbs ground chuck) and drained all but one teaspoon of bacon fat before adding the onion/red pepper. To avoid the possibility of burning, I added an extra cup of stock and mixed everything really well; still thick – not soupy at all… Maybe cause I used a can of white bean chili (not drained) since I couldn’t find canned pinto beans. I did drain and rinse the other beans to remove unwanted additional salt.

    My IP has a bean/chili option. so I rolled for 25 min, natural release for 10, then a quick release. Tasted, and added a teaspoon sugar – just fab! Thanks for my new go to chili recipe!!

  31. I doubted the red onion, I always use yellow, but I made it per the recipe and WOW! My husband was amazed at how great this chili is. It is also really easy to make. Don’t tweak it until you make it per the recipe and you may find (like I did) that it is perfect!

  32. Just made this tonight for my family that came over for dinner. I’m a vegetarian so I didn’t taste it but they said it was great! They could really taste the bacon back flavors and enjoyed it. I used 2 lbs. of turkey instead and the Better Than Bouillon vegetarian “chicken base” for the broth. 

    As a side note for a veggie version: I omitted the meat and found it a little too salty. I’m guessing that’s because the meat wasn’t there. If omitting I’d suggest cutting the dry seasonings down a little bit. Otherwise great!

  33. This recipe will be my 1st ever IP dish. I have the 3 QT as I’m cooking for 1. I understand I will need to half the recipe, but what about cook times? Has anyone else tried this? I’m a bit nervous, but I love chili and it looks delicious!! 

  34. I won the chili cook-off at work with this recipe this year (2018). Also, I have never made chili before.
    Thanks for making me look good Oh Sweet Basil!

  35. I am making your award winning chili but forgot to sauté the onions and peppers before adding them to the slow cooker. Should I cook it all on high and how long to soften them up ?

  36. Followed recipe to a tee and husband brought home champion trophy from his office chili cook off this year (sept 2018). So thankful I found this recipe! Y’all are awesome!! 

  37. I doubled this recipe and have an eight quart. It was just a tad too much, I omitted one can of red kidney beans and scooped out one ladle of content to be on the safe side. It took a lot longer to brown the meat and the bacon, too. FYI! It’s pressure releasing now. Can’t wait to taste, smells delicious! 

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this feedback! Hope you enjoyed it!

    • Odd. I have the larger one as well and did a double batch. Added a serrano pepper for good measure and used 3lbs of ground bison. It filled just below the max line. Under pressure now but I’ve been through enough of these rodeos to know its going to be awesome. I cut back on the salt a bit and didnt drain much fat, since my meat was so lean to begin with. Gonna garnish with green onion, sour cream, and cheddar. Perfect fall meal.

  38. This was my first ever Instant pot recipe to try. It turned out pretty good, however there were several large clumps of mushy stuck together beans. Can anyone shed some light as to why this happened? Did I not stir it enough?

  39. Can’t wait to try this! For a non-bean chili gal like myself, do you think I can just omit the beans and leave everything else as is? Thanks!

  40. Made tonight exactly as stated. Delicious!!

  41. I have the 6 qt instant pot. I am having a party and would like to double the recipe. Do you think it would fit? Thanks!
    Sounds so delish and can’t wait to make it!!!

  42. Thank you for giving me another reason to love my Instant Pot! This recipe is amazing!

  43. I LOVE that you use such a variety of beans! This looks insanely delicious – can’t wait to try!

  44. This recipe sounds amazing…I want to make it for my work place chili cook off. If I don’t have Worcestershire sauce, can I replace it with a different ingredient?

    • Worchestershire sauce is a hard one to substitute. Doing a combo of soy sauce and tamari could work, but we’ve honestly never tried any substitutes. You might be best off just leaving it out completely.

  45. Delicious! We all loved it! 

  46. Hello
    I made this chili for my family and everybody loved it so much – no leftovers which I thought would make a great lunch.
    Excellent flavor and texture – we didn’t have a insta pot and just made it on the stove and it was completely amazing.
    Just wanted to let you know

  47. Made this recipe for my ward’s Halloween party chili cook off, and won first place!!

  48. This chili is awesome! The instant pot makes it so easy. 20 minutes versus several hours on the stove. We added red wine, some ground pork, more veggies, and adjusted/changed spices to our preferences (we added habaneros, etc.) I served it with cinnamon rolls (it’s an Iowa/midwestern thing lol) and it tastes like I spent a whole day making it. Thanks for the recipe! 

  49. Made this in the instant pot. I added habeneros, shallots, 10 cloves of fresh garlic and potatoes. I also added some cayenne pepper to the spices. Heat blended well with everything. Loved it!  

  50. I am a new Insta-Pot user. I need to at least double the recipe. Does that change anything? Thanks!


  52. Can I just slow cook this in a regular soup pot?

    • Absolutely! Down at the bottom of the recipe card, there are instructions for cooking it on the stove top.
      For the stove: Cook everything in the pot just like you do for the instant pot and then allow to simmer on low heat for 3 hours.

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  54. I tried your chilli recipe chili recipe with a slow cooker and it was really amazing!  First, I’ve never made chili and second, I only bought a slow cooker recently, so this would be the first for both.  My husband loved it and asked me to make it again for an office potluck. Great, simple and easy recipe. I will be making this more often. Thank you! 

  55. By far the best chili I,ve ever made!!! 

  56. Made this tonight. Followed the recipe to a T except added a tablespoon of chipotle in adobo with the other peppers. I used black chili beans with sauce too but everything else as written. Super delicious! Thank you for the recipe. 

  57. Can you do this recipe in a crock pot? I don’t have a instant pot and this recipe sounds amazing!!!

    • Yes absolutely! Down at the bottom of the recipe card there are instructions (in italics) for cooking it in a slow cooker.

      For the slow cooker: Cook the bacon and set aside on a plate. Cook the onion and peppers and set aside on another plate. Drain any excess grease and add the meat, cooking until browned. Add everything into the pot, leaving out a little bacon for garnish and cook on low for 5-6 hours or on high for 3 hours.

  58. Great recipe! I won first place at my church’s chili cookoff with this recipe!😀

  59. Am I crazy? I don’t see a recipe. ,I tried two different browsers on phone and iPad.  Pictures sure are pretty.

  60. This is the best recipe! I’ve tried other chili recipes in my pressure cooker and they were flops! This is fabulous! Absolutely perfect!

  61. I used 50% ground veal, 50% ground chuck. 2 lbs total.
    Based on the reviews I did add chipotle peppers with Adobe and used the Chili temp for a full 30 mins. 
    Also, based on reviews, I deglazed. Deglazing worked, I did not have the burn come on. 
    It turned out amazing! Will for sure make again. 

  62. Made this tonight and it was so good!  I added crushed red pepper because we like things spicy, but other than that I didn’t change a thing. Will be a “go to” this winter!

  63. Look cool. Thanks for the recipe. I will check out to see the taste and be back with reviews. Thanks.

  64. i used chuck steak (sorry, don’t like ground beef chili), added TWO diced serranos (everything but the stems), 3 tbs of brown sugar, and 1/2 tbs of cinnamon… sauteed steak in batches in ip, removed; did garlic, serranos, tom paste, cumin, paprika, ancho chili powder, and salt til “fragrant” (minute or so)… added toms, black beans, beef stock, brown sugar & cinnamon! A-MAY-ZING! thanks for the great launching pad!

    • This is one of my favorite things about food and cooking! You can start with a base recipe and then add and subtract and make your own culinary masterpieces!! This sounds soooooo delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  65. This is indeed the best chili recipe! This is my 3rd times making it. Big success each time. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us!

  66. Hi there,

    It doesn’t say which settings I am supposed to use.

    • In step 1 it says to use the “saute” setting for cooking the bacon, onions, peppers, and meat. Then in step 8 it says to use the “chili” setting to cook the chili. If you don’t have a “chili” button, “manual” works just great for the same amount of time.

      • The 6 qt Duo v-3 I bought last November has some buttons re-arranged and renamed. The “Manual” on newer pots is now “Pressure Cook”. Being a newbie back then and had no Manual button like recipes call for, I thought I bought a knock off. lol

      • Very good to know! Thank you! I’ll be sure to mention both when people ask now.

  67. can you dbl the recipe in the 8 at ip?

  68. For those in the comments that are getting the “BURN” status, You just need to stop the IP, carefully release the pressure until the button drops, open it, take a wooden spoon that is flat at the end and gently scrape the bottom all over thoroughly (careful not to spill or splash the chili in the pot). Once done, close the lid, set to seal, and set the pressure cook timer again. It should work now since the starting temp is higher.

    I’ve made this recipe twice in my 6oz IP and got the “BURN” status each time before the pressure cook timer starts. The second time, I made sure I deglazed/scraped the bottom of the pot with all the ingredients in there so theres nothing sticking before setting the pressure cook mode. It still got the “BURN” warning before the timer started. However, each time it’s happened, a simple scraping worked for me. It does add more time to the cook since the pressurizing takes time, but I was in no rush. This was also the first time I experienced the “BURN” warning and it was a good learning experience on the importance of deglazing the bottom of the pot before you start the pressure cook.

    Great recipe btw. I was never a big chili fan so I’m not an expert at knowing what is a great chili, but wanted to try it since I just got my IP. I’ve tried other “good/decent” chili bought outside since I made this and definitely prefer eating t his one. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your insight on the Burn warning and for taking the time to help our other readers out! We are so glad you enjoyed the recipe! These are great tips for successfully cooking this chili. We’ve never received the Burn warning before on this chili, so this is great information.

  69. Best chili   that I have ever made. Only change I would make is leave the salt out next time. 
    Thank you so  much for sharing the recipe😀

  70. It kept going into “burn” mode on my Instapot, so I moved it to my crock pot.  Glad I have it as backup!! 🙂

  71. I’m an instant pot beginner and big fan of chili. I was looking for an easy recipe that would look like my regular recipe but made for the instant pot. I tried your recipe last night and I must say it was beyond delicious and so easy and fast. This recipe is a winner and might replace my own. I’m a vegetarian so i replaced the beef with “fake ground beef” and it turned out amazing. Also added corn and chipotle in adobe sauce for a bit of hot spiciness. This one is a keeper for sure. Thanks for sharing. I will look at your other instant pot recipes now. Looking for spaghetti sauce….

    Montreal Canada

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  73. This was delicious, thank you!
    I omitted the bacon; however, I am sure it’s a great addition as well, 5 stars from me!

  74. I live abroad at the moment and decided to purchase an IP a few weeks ago – and conveniently, our US Embassy decided to host a chili cook-off fundraiser around the same time. This was the first chili I attempted and it was really delicious. I used your recipe as the base – and toasted dried chiles to make a homemade chili powder. I made two full batches and added chipotle puree at the end too – to add a little more heat (folks love spice here!) I served it with all the toppings you mentioned – plus topped each with a mini scallion/cheddar/black pepper corn muffin. A total hit – and I tied for third (not a bad showing!) Thanks for giving me a head start!

  75. Okay, I made the chili from your recipe today and it turned out great. I used 2.5 lbs of ground beef but kept your ingredient amounts the same except I used two seeded jalapenos and didn’t use bacon. I sauteed the beef in a skillet. The IP is just too small to properly brown a large amount of beef. I did not sautee the onions or bell pepper. I simply mixed the beef with all the spices and tomatoes and paste then put the raw chopped onions and peppers on top of the mixture and set the time to 22 min. After a 22 minute NPR, it’s all done. NO BURN NOTICE in my 6 qt Lux and it does not have a chili function. I used steam. Before cooking, it all looked like there wasn’t enough liquid and I added about half a cup of water before cooking but it wasn’t necessary. Using this recipe with 2.5 lbs. of ground beef filled my pot only up to the 1/2 mark, so you can be assured using more beef won’t overfill the pot. Great chili!

  76. What size Instant Pot did you use. We only have a 6 quart…

  77. I was hoping to find an Instant Pot chili recipe that uses the Instant Pot’s slow cooker mode but it seems that all recipes are for either pressure cooking in the Instant Pot or using the traditional slow cooker, one or the other. Has anyone actually used the Instant Pot as a slow cooker and had success?

    • We haven’t tried the Instant Pot as a slow cooker yet. It is on our list of things to try!!

      • I have tried the slow cooker function. When my recipe called for 6 hours at low temp in a slow cooker, I found that slow cooking in the IP is really slow. I had to turn it to high after 2 hours because it was barely warm. I wasn’t making chili, but I think it would be the same results.

      • Thank you for your insight on this!

    • Bill, I belong to a FB Instant Pot group with over 1.5 million members. The majority of posters do not like the slow cooker feature. It only heats from the bottom instead of bottom and sides like a crock pot. Also, low isn’t low like on the crock pot. You have to use high to get it to cook. Some buy an Instant Pot and get rid of their crock pots. Not me! Although I hardly ever use i, it would be good in a pinch when I want to do something like a main dish in the IP and veggies in the crock pot.

  78. I am on a list of dishes for my daughter’s birthday party. And this instant pot is my best assistant. That’s a good tip…thanks!

  79. Hello,

    I just got an instant pot so I looked this recipe up, but decided to cook something else in the instant pot to go with it, so I cooked this on the stove.

    I have a question about the simmer for stove top, Should I have a lid on the pot? or simmer with an open pot?

  80. You state to drain the beans for your award winning chili. Is that drain and rinse or just drain?

  81. Looks tasty. We are making it right now, followed the recipe to the letter (almost  left out jalapeño) as soon as it pressurized, pot said “burn”. Turned off, cooled down tried again on low pressure,,still said burn. Why??  Also burned pasta sauce this way. What am I doing wrong?

  82. I followed the recipe exactly but received a burn message on my instant pot and had to transfer to the stovetop to finish cooking. Still delicious! I’ve read elsewhere that you shouldn’t stir in the tomatoes when using instant pot (and layer the ingredients instead); I’ll try that if I make this again.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe—so so good!

  83. I made this tonight and have been compelled to share the recipe. It’s the first time in my life I’ve made chilli and it was AMAZING!!!!!!! Yum! I’ve had plenty of bad pub nachos in my time but I have to say this was lip tingling, tummy pleasing, deliciousness with tons of leftovers. Thanks for making me so happy!

  84. Made it tonight with ground turkey and no points as we were ou. It was delicious!!!! I accidentally used 2 TBS smoked paprika…- took out what I could when I realized the mistake…it was still great even with my error! Thank you

  85. Not sure if I will ever use this recipe again. Burned twice in my instant pot and I followed the directions exactly. Very annoying. 

    • Hi Laurel, As long as there was liquid it shouldn’t have had a burn notice. Is there any chance the pot had any dark marks on it? If all else fails you can use a pot on the stove and let it simmer for an hour.

  86. Made this tonight and it was probably the best of many chili recipes I have tried! I used 2 lb meat and cooked it in separate pan because it was higher in fat. Used 1/2 jalapeño and only 2 cans beans. Added 1/2 bottle beer and simmerd a bit after NR to thicken up. This is my new chili recipe! 

  87. I used pancetta instead of bacon and kept
    deglazing with some Maple whiskey. I also added homemade habenero hot sauce.

  88. I do not have a chili button on my Instant Pot. Do I just use manual/high for the same time?
    Can’t wait to try this…it’s getting “chili” in Alaska! 🙂

  89. We made this tonight and it kept saying burn 🙁 any suggestions? 

    • This can happen when you are cooking a thicker dish. Make sure it is stirred well and add more liquid if needed.

      • I’ve never used an instant pot before, but I’m going to be getting one soon and this is one of the first recipes I’m going to try. When you say to make sure it is stirred, do you mean that we should be depressurizing and opening the IP every so often to stir it?

      • No, stir it really well before starting the pressurized cooking. If you happen to get a burn message, depressurize and stir, and then finish the cook time. Extra liquid can be added too if needed. Enjoy!!

  90. Thanks for the great recipe & nutrition info. Any chance you could include sodium and total carbs? 

  91. Tried this yesterday went down so well people kept going back for more, the only thing I added was a few squares of dark chocolate.

  92. I never ever leave comments, but I just had to say how great this recipe is. I love using a lot of spices and peppers and can never find the right chili recipe to go off of, I barely tweaked this one! Only added a couple chipotle peppers in adobo and half a can of beer 🙂


  93. I never ever leave comments, but I just had to say how great this recipe is. I love using a lot of spices and peppers and can never find the right chili recipe to go off of, I barely tweaked this one!


  94. Turned out fantastic! Thanks for the recipe! 

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  96. I’m so surprised at how delicious this turned out! This was a mishap turned fav dish! That’s because I accidentally browned our ground lamb instead of ground beef and, oh boy!, was it a smash! I omitted the jalapeño and the can of kidney beans, added a packet of mild chili seasoning, added mushrooms, and added only one tablespoon of chili powder and one table spoon of oregano. I made the rest of it per recipe instructions. I don’t have a chili option on my IP like many others reported so I used the “bean” button. I added a small amount of flour to it at the end to thicken it up. We made Frito pies out of it with a cheese and Fritos. It was amazing! We forgot to add the cilantro at the end because we were so exited. 

  97. used what I had. Used 1 poblamo, regular onion, 1 cup chicken stock, forgot the bacon bits and garlic, used 1 can of chilli beans, 1 28oz. can of diced tomatoes plus the fire roasted ones, and it turned out great! I know what they mean on TV shows when they say the taste is complex. A little hot, a little sweet. Completely different from my regular chilli but great! Thanks!

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  99. Hi,
    I’m preparing to make the “Ip award winning chili recipe”. And needing to make for a large crowd, so I’ll tripling or more… your recipe. My question is if I make and freeze it ahead of time… How do you recommend Reheating it in a hurry?
    Thank you, Gracie