100 Best Brownies and Bars Recipes

We’ve got over 100 Best Brownies and Bars Recipes that your family will love to make for an easy dessert, from chocolate desserts to fruit desserts!

We are always adding more so keep an eye on this recipe index for your favorite moist brownie recipe and bars recipes.

We are even working on an even better box brownie recipe!

Nothing is better than chewy brownies recipes, that is unless you also throw in perfect bar recipes too!

And don’t you dare pick out your Best Brownies and Bars Recipes without first answering the old question, edge or middle piece for brownies?

I used to be all about the middle piece for brownies, Cade still is, but recently I’ve taken on a love for that edge piece!

If you haven’t made our brownies before, in order of most popular for us and our readers would be:

Oh but bar dessert recipes are not to be forgotten! I especially love when it’s a graham cracker crust!

Dessert bars for parties are so easy because you only need one pan versus shaping individual desserts.

The Best Bar Recipes for a Crowd usually involve fruit of some sort like: